From words to action. Part 1

Once my girlfriend told me that she used to like the teacher, and she imagined how he was fucking her in all the cracks, except for the ass – this was not perceived by her brain in any way, and the prerequisite for this was twos – he mercilessly put them right and left, which like- then it was necessary to “work out”. So, after we, on my initiative, began to fantasize about “threesome sex”, and that she had never wanted to perceive before, she remembered that very teacher, and then changed her attitude towards this. Everything changed at the very moment when she once again went to work out with her mind the next two, given to him “just like that”, and while they were waiting for the teacher in the classroom, she wrote me a message “how are you? What was your dream? Was he fantasizing again?) “, To which I answered with the pure truth, and described my dream for 40 minutes, – she managed to read this message before she went to answer. Here’s what it was:

“First there was a deep blowjob to the teacher you were telling me about – he smeared your whole throat with sperm, plump lips, and a couple of large jets hitting your face flowed from the chin onto the elastic chest of the third size. When he finished, you started licking his big cock, licking his balls clean and the entire groin area, rubbing the sperm all over his face. You liked to do all this, and there was a feeling that there was no girl at the university more sultry than you, and there was a desire to do it all the time, and not only with the teacher and your young man. It was a shame to tell me what happened, despite the fact that you knew my lustful fantasies, especially since you liked it all. As a result, it was decided to wait with such conversations, and casually hint about it on vacation. I will not tell you how we were going on a trip, and I’ll get to the bottom line: having arrived in a sunny country, we comfortably settled in one of the semi-luxury rooms, and went for a walk around the hotel, where you accidentally noticed a very large, but short bald man , through the swimming trunks of which it was clear that a very thick appetizing male dick was sleeping there, which would give no less pleasure than the teacher’s.

One evening we met him and his company – they were from America, but you could hardly talk to him, so you had to help. We talked well, drank, and invited everyone to us to continue warm, as it got chilly in the evening. They drank, joked, played strip, and slowly everyone began to dissolve, after everyone left, you invited him to stay, since the room was located on the other end of the hotel territory, to which he agreed. You wanted to talk to him better – I saw it, and did not interfere. Communication did not last long, and we began to pack. He went to bed first, without asking where to throw his huge body – he decided to settle on our large double bed, or rather from one end of it, you went to the shower, and without waiting for me, lay down in the middle. I went to bed last, and you turned in his direction. After a while, I “accidentally” put my hand on his thick penis, making sure that it was excellent, squeezing it a little, making it clear that I was ready to take it, and quickly removed my hand when I felt how I began to harass from behind.

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