From words to action. Part 2

I insert my dick into your current cunt, not understanding why it got so wet, and slowly start fucking. You start moaning, and you realize that 20cm from you through your panties lies the same thing that is fucking you from behind, only a little more, after which a wild desire to suck appears; you slowly lower your white translucent tight panties with both hands, get wildly excited, slowly bring your moaning face to this big fat hairy penis of a 35-year-old man (for the readers: I’m 24, and she is 21), and you begin to lick him greedily, slowly swallowing deeper and deeper , sucking on the testicles, pulling the scrotum with your lips, stroking this unit, in general – licking the penis from all sides. Then you take the initiative into your own hands, and change your position: I continue to hammer from behind, and you sit between your legs, and start licking him from the bottom up, sometimes swallowing sharply, which you can hardly manage, then he joins in from behind, sticking a slobbering member into the broken pussy, and with the index finger stimulates the ass, gradually inserting a finger there – you can say fucking in both holes.

Sometimes he poked out his dick and pounded his pussy with two fingers, and licked the anal hole with his tongue. At this time, I lay down in his place, and you began to skillfully swallow my, no less thick penis, also licking balls, and licking my ass – you like it. So we fucked you in all kinds of positions imaginable. As a result, I cum in my pussy, you squat down, sperm starts to drain from it, you jerk off your pussy, cum loudly, and moan wildly, start looking at me, and wait with your mouth open and tongue sticking out until they finish on you. It poured out in a plentiful powerful stream with a direct hit into the throat, hitting a little on the edges of the mouth, and cheeks with ears, a very large amount of sperm began to drain onto the chin, and then onto your lush breasts, you swallowed that you had time, but there was so much of it, that she had enough of her, then playfully licked his penis with hard black hair on the scrotum, swallowed semen, constantly glancing at me, sometimes laughing loudly with pleasure. In the morning, after he left (before that, quietly waking him up so that you would suck him off again only in the bathroom, drowning it out with the sound of flowing water, so as not to wake me up), she told about the incident at the university, and begged me to let you do deep blowjob to the teacher who willingly agreed to such a barter – to negotiate for you with other teachers, and, telling all the details – how it was, how euphoria once again surged in, began to please me, and to get excited from it herself. Having received my consent, you were in seventh heaven, and after each incident you told me with interest how it happened, after which you always gave me a blowjob, or asked me to tie you up with ropes or fuck you hard. “

She answered this way, I quote: “Wow”, “This is incredibly cool”, “It is very difficult for me to sit here now”, “And my thoughts are not about what I will tell”, “damn”, “bunny, you are the best”, It’s a pity that you’re not around now ”,“ because I really want you at the moment ”,“ damn it ”,“ by the way, I was sitting there ”,“ a guy came to work out ”,“ from the stream ”,“ such a cute broad-shouldered ” “And I wanted even before your story,” “but after yours,” “I wanted incredibly how,” “I couldn’t imagine in detail,” “because I was distracted by the manual on obstetrics,” “which I did not learn,” “and so I would have sex with him of course)) “,” now, seeing him at lectures, and reading your messages “,” I will not think about lectures “,” maybe it will come to the point) “,” now I would not against) “,” threesome sex “.

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