Games with my boyfriend’s anus

I realized that I was simply not capable of sexual arousal if I didn’t know and didn’t see his open ass.

There was no such sex between us where I would not ask him to insert a butt plug. I purchased three regular silicone anal plugs that wrinkle in the hand. Because of what, with good lubrication, they gently enter the anus. The first plug is 12.5 cm long, its widest part is 4.5 cm, the narrowest (the one that enters the point and the one that is covered by it at the end) is 3 cm. The second and third plugs, respectively 15 * 5, 5 * 3, 5 and 18 * 6.5 * 4 cm.

While we started with the first one, he did not know that I had two more in stock.

When I throw up his legs and he fits in and starts to tear me up, I get very excited when I see the protruding base of the butt plug inserted into him, stretching his butt, because part of the bed falls just opposite the mirror in the closet.

Foreplay doesn’t warm me up as much as the ability to insert his butt plug myself.

I ask him to stand in a knee-elbow position or lie on his back and throw his legs.

The constant use of the cork in sex has worked out the necessary condition of the muscles of his priests and now, in such positions, his slit itself opens into a hole 1-1.5 cm in size.

She even began to look differently: a little sunken inward. Now, with divorced, that with undivided buttocks, a small depression leading to the anus itself is clearly visible, as if the buns clasp an invisible tube inserted.

Before inserting a plug for him, I stare with admiration at his open hole. I stroke her. The darkness inside makes one think of something attractively alluring, unknown. Openness tells you about the trust of your partner, about the absence of fear before you to feel insecure. You become more available to each other, which removes all the dark areas of isolation between you, which in general affects the building of good, trusting relationships.

For more warm-up, I sometimes insert my fingers inside him and move them in a circle. I don’t have the very desire to penetrate my boyfriend or fuck him like a strapon, but play with his point is welcome. Yes, it may sound strange, but everyone has their own secret desires.

If you love your partner, you will always do it gently, trying not to give him painful sensations, without harming him, having previously well disinfected and lubricated the butt plug (or fingers).

He allowed me to shave the hairiness around his anus, as he is not very comfortable. And when he takes a shower, I go to him and carefully remove all the hair between his two hemispheres with a razor, sometimes smoothly passing to the crotch. Because, when we met him, in keeping with cleanliness, the perineum, scrotum and around the penis, he began to shave himself.

I abundantly lubricate the butt plug and jerk off his penis, I introduce it inside him, to the very base.

As a result, I am heated, I feel strong emotions of thirst for sex, and he, with a stretched stake, is ready to fuck me.

From the sight of his instrument and the thought of what position his ass is in now, I take his sinewy hot penis in my hand, pull it to me, to my vagina, inviting him to enter me.

With a butt plug, at first, his cock did not immediately take a fighting stance. He had, primarily, to walk with an inserted butt plug around the apartment all day, getting used to the sensations, until his point was stretched enough to accept it. Before sex, if I inserted the plug or she was already in it, I helped to excite his penis with a blowjob.

As he himself noted, the sensations of having sex with the plug inserted is incredibly unusual. It is difficult to get used to them for the first time: the point is bursting from the inside, the cork touches the anal walls, not to mention the prostate, during the pelvic movements, the cork also moves a little inside, you feel it, and from this your penis flows excitingly (as he says “drooling” ), there is pressure on the sphincter ring, especially when he tries to squeeze the buttocks in order to push me deeper.
I asked him several times to do this so that he had an orgasm several times with the butt plug in him. Knowing that it excites me very much, he agreed. According to him, the orgasm is more intense and brighter, because the muscles contract, pinching the inserted plug.

It happens that after sex, especially at night, when we are already hiding in order to fall asleep, he still remains to sleep with a butt plug. But in the morning he will definitely do under 100 squats. I myself am only “for”, because health is above all. Moreover, he is an athlete with me, he is engaged in a fashionable word – “calisthenics”.

To open up the ass during sex for the future, I periodically insert an anal plug. Now we use medium size, while we haven’t got to large one yet.

How long did I persuade him, how long did I explain. That this is not penetration, that no one bothers him, that these are just love games in bed. He resisted until, under the pressure of my brainwashing, he finally agreed.

Probably, realizing that there is nothing terrible about it, because then he did not refuse me.

However, when we had sex without an anal plug, he said that the sensation of opening the point in the process, especially during the return movements, gives an exciting thrill to the sensations. From focusing on this, the excitement increases and the passion covers more, he especially likes it when at this time I stroke my hands or squeeze his buttocks.

I thought a woman was hard to satisfy in sex. But playing with my boyfriend’s asshole, I started to have an amazing orgasm. The peak of my sexual pleasure was when I saw in the reflection in the mirror, which is in the closet, which slightly overlooks our bed, the opening hole of my boyfriend! Such a dark circle, a black hole in the Universe that is pulling you in, against the background of a naked, heated body waving back and forth. The very picture of this is firmly engraved in the memory, and the thought of it becomes mind-blowing. And I fly to the seventh heaven of bliss!

This was what I gradually achieved: having trained the muscles of his ass, now when he spreads his legs wide in sex or during return movements, his anus muscles unclench and his ass becomes open. And at the same time, he also fucks and fucks you at this time.

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