Shaquille took the pass under the basket, jumped out and plunged the ball into the ring with force, pushing the defender away. The Lakers took 84 … 70. Less than a minute remained until the end of the match. Shaquille O’Neal scored the twentieth point. He smiled blissfully. He was pleased not only with the victory of the “Frogs”. Even rather not her, but the realization that he fulfilled the bonus norm of 20 points. He accepted the congratulations of the partners and immediately asked for a replacement.

Leaving the playground, Shaquille, without looking back, trotted into the locker room. There a blowjob girl was waiting for him.

Jilly, a former cheerleader girl, sat in a small armchair and watched another melodrama on TV. It was a nineteen-year-old gray-eyed natural blonde. She was dressed only in a red bikini, which only emphasized her elastic ass and perky heaving breasts. Nine years of playing sports made Jill’s figure almost perfect, which she, with pleasure, used.

Shaquille burst into the room, kicking off his shorts as he walked. Jill quickly dropped to her knees and grabbed the penis with her mouth, starting to swallow it quickly to almost the entire 23-centimeter length. This was also the result of a lot of training. She knew Shaquille well and understood that he would not last long, so she released her saliva and sucked at an incredible speed. The room was filled with chomping sounds. Shaquille just stood and moaned loudly. He loved Gilly’s blowjobs. Since then, as the coach invited her to the team, the effectiveness of the center “Frogs” only grew. In a rare match, he did not score twenty points.

And Jill, meanwhile, squeezed his buttocks and thrust a member into her throat to its full length. This Shaquille could not stand it and threw the first portion of thick salty semen down the girl’s throat. But that was only the beginning. Shaki hasn’t fucked for a long time, so our goddess of blowjob was in for a surprise in the form of a week’s supply with powerful thrusts erupting from a basketball player’s penis.

Feeling that the girl was starting to choke, Shaquille firmly took the girl by the head and pulled his “friend” out of her mouth. But he did not let go of his head, but, clearly fixing, directed the shots of sperm directly into Jill’s amazing eyes. She didn’t even have time to close her eyes before a white veil appeared before her eyes. And Shaquille continued to decorate her face with sperm. It had already covered her forehead and ran down Jill’s nose and cheeks.

Finally, Shaquille was discharged. But, knowing what would happen next, Jill was in no hurry to erase the sperm from her face. Shaquille, letting her lick his penis, took out a Polaroid from the nightstand and began photographing the girl’s face from different angles. She was so adorable at that moment. In this finished blonde with a haughty look, there was now some special, lustful beauty. The whole team watched these photos with pleasure. Jill hadn’t been embarrassed for a long time.

Shaquille put on his shorts, took a broomstick that girls dancers swing during matches, warming up the audience, and began to cover the handle with a thick transparent mass. Jill already knew what she needed to do and saddled a low bench and lay on her stomach in such a way that her arms and legs touched her legs and her ass defiantly rose, giving Shaquille the opportunity to see her holes in all their glory. Shaquille with confident movements tied the girl to the bench, gently stroked her buttocks and gently introduced the cream-smeared broom into Jill’s ass. Jilly shook her ass invitingly. As if she had such a pretty ponytail. Shaquille laughed.

  • I hope that with the new cream you will feel better, baby.
  • Oh yes, I have been looking for him for a long time. The seller said that this is the best solution for anal sex. Why don’t you love me in the ass?
  • You know that our coach doesn’t like it when someone has already been in your ass before him. May impose a fine …
  • Okay. I will wait for him. Iii … Shaki …
  • What, baby?
  • Collect more points in the next match …

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