Girl from Pattaya. Part 1

All the men to whom I told that I was going to Pattaya began to smile openly: they say, you will fuck, everything that moves! I was not going to deny that I am not interested in the beauty of Thailand, because in my 45 years I have visited all the places worthy of attention, and I can say that Pattaya is not the place where you need to go to see enough of the scenery. Hot Thai women are the dream of any self-respecting man who is not fixated on one woman and loves sexual adventures. But I was not interested in a banal fuck, since in Moscow I was not deprived of the attention of chicks, but Thai blowjob, in Russian speaking – a blowjob. A friend of mine, who was recently in Thailand, said that this is as common a product as soft drinks – they offer to take by the cheek at every corner. Unlike domestic prostitutes, Thais are simply goddesses of blowjob, said my friend, who on “carrots”, as Russian tourists call Thai prostitutes, lowered all the money that he had to spend on buying cheap equipment (after which he, in fact, went to Thailand ). The only thing that he didn’t like very much was that after the trip he found some intimate sore in himself, which, however, was quickly cured. I have never had such problems, since although I practice free sex, I did not forget about safety. I myself have been registered on the x-registar portal for a long time. ru, and I try to choose partners who have also been tested with fresh tests for sexually transmitted infections – so as not to tear the hair on the testicles later … With secrets in terms of safety, of course, it is more difficult – but I hope prezik and the treatment of causal places with all sorts of infectious agents, like Miramistin – and no problem.

The easiest way to rent a carrot in Tai is to go to a go-go bar and choose the girl you like. Someone said that in some places even checks are issued for blowjobs, but I was not going to check it. A friend told me that go-go thieves are unscrupulous – they suck everyone in a row, they can miss more than ten clients a day, so it’s better to look for a carrot on the embankment, among the removable ones – and there are more choices and more beautiful ones. So I did.

My Sonny (I don’t think it was her real name, but what difference does it make to me in the end?) Was a smart girl – we agreed that she would come to me every evening at a certain time (I rented a beach house near the embankment) … Sonny said that for three thousand baht a day I can do whatever I want with her. Looking at her nipples sticking out from under a stretch T-shirt, I wanted her right there, on the embankment, even though we had known each other for only ten minutes. A friend told me that when taking off a carrot on the embankment, you must definitely ask her to show her feminine accessories, otherwise it’s so close to run into a ladyboy – a girl with a penis.

I told Sonny that I want to see her pussy. Apparently, she was used to such requests, because she immediately took my hand and led me into the shade of the trees. She shamelessly unzipped her denim skirt and I saw her oiled pubis and a small leather cherry underneath. It was a girl, beautiful, alluring and exciting, not a nasty ladyboy. When Sonny smiled, I saw her snow-white teeth, which were like a scattering of pearls in the velvet cavity of her little mouth. I imagined how these teeth nibble the head of my penis and felt that in my pants, as they say, everything was awake. She noticed this and without hesitation offered me to do a blowjob right there so that I could appreciate her skill. The fact that they would suck me off in the middle of the park confused me at first, but then I remembered – this is Pattaya, everything is possible here!

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