Good bought. Part 1

You just returned from the slave market with a new purchase. Young eighteen-year-old Lina lies in front of you still dressed. Her hands are tied. Fear splashes in her blue eyes. “I wonder how she will get used to my indomitable lust …” You walked up to her and pressed a rough, imperious kiss to her lips. Lina tried to resist, but in vain. You only increased the pressure by biting her sponge painfully. Your tongue studied her mouth, as if looking into all the secret places. Lina went limp and began to answer you involuntarily. You felt that she was beginning to like it, and the state of helplessness excited her. Mentally grinning, you continued to torment her lips with a hard kiss. Your hands began to wander studying her youthful body, lower and lower. You went down to the cherished place. Through jeans, dressed on Lina, you began to caress her pussy. You pressed and rubbed her. Lina began to wriggle with growing desire.

Then you looked up from her lips and looked at your captive. “And she will make a good bed toy …” Lina’s eyes were burning with desire, but there was doubt and fear in them. You untied her hands and began to undress, slowly, slowly. You pulled off her blouse, started kissing her neck, shoulders, upper breasts. Then you unbuttoned and took off the girl’s bra. He began to kiss the breasts, suck on the nipples, draw them into his mouth and bite. Lina groaned. You were pleased with such a quick surrender.

You kiss her belly, penetrate your tongue into the navel fossa. You pull off your jeans, kiss your thighs, calves, rise to the inner thighs. You touch with your lips the thin matter that covers what you so desire. But no, you stop. You want to bring Lina to the line first. To lull fear, to deceive with tenderness. You got up and picked her up in your arms. Her beautiful eyes looked at you with incomprehension. She wanted to say something, but you touched her lips again, and you merged in a hot, passionate kiss. Lina lay naked in your arms, her golden-brown hair tickled your face during your kiss.

You put the girl on the floor, and she immediately wrapped her arms around your neck, and now her hardened nipples rested against the soft fabric of your sweater. You stroked her breasts, back, ass under her panties. Spanked lightly. She slid her hands over your sweater and jeans. You put your hand into Lina’s panties and felt the soft skin of her ass. You stroked her and dug your finger between her buttocks. This is what you wanted! Lina tensed a little, but you already ran your fingers over her pussy, it was hot and wet. You took your hand away, realizing that the girl was ready. You pulled off her panties, brought it to your face and inhaled with pleasure the sweet scent of a girl’s body. Looking into Lina’s eyes, you saw desire and a drop of fear in them, whispered: “Don’t be afraid! And do everything to please me … “

She responded with a kiss, shaking slightly with either lust or excitement. Then you took her hips. Lina immediately wrapped her legs tightly around your back. You touched your ass with your fingers, touched the closed entrance, it was tight and tight. You noted to yourself his charm, and the neatness of the ass. Then you ran your finger over her bud, felt her shudder, and now, with the help of her own lubricant, you entered your finger, looked into her cave. You began to slowly insert your finger into Lina. She groaned. But then, as if changing his mind, he took out his finger and, putting the girl on the floor, asked to undress you. Lina shivered chilly and obediently took off your sweater, unbuttoned your belt, took off your jeans. Her movements were gentle, smooth, but her fingers trembled, and she bit her lip sweetly. You didn’t rush her. “Let him get used to the new owner.”

Your cock was already aroused, protruding your panties. Lina froze for a moment in indecision, then knelt down and pulled off her panties. Your hard, poured member rested in her face. With wide eyes, they looked at him like a monster. You pressed lightly on the back of her head. Lina sighed convulsively and gently kissed his head. Taking it into her mouth, she began to suck gently, then almost completely swallowing it, then again licking the head. At first she did not move decisively, you had to direct her actions, but gradually Linochka grew bolder. Her lips tightly wrapped around your penis, the tongue pressed against the trunk, her hand caressed the testicles. You just enjoyed yourself for a while. Lina accelerated and accelerated everything, but you decided to take the initiative into your own hands. After winding your long hair around your hand, you began to roughly push it on your penis.

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