Good bought. Part 2

It didn’t matter to you in those moments that she was suffocating, choking on your unit. Hard, to the very neck, you filled her tender mouth. “Suck, bitch! Suck! “- hoarsely escaped from your lips. Lina did not resist, only tears streamed down her cheeks. Feeling the close finale, you all the way stuck a member in her mouth, pressing her face to your pubis. Sperm poured down the girl’s throat, choking, she swallowed it. You let go of her hair. Lina was smart enough not to recoil from you. She only inhaled convulsively and continued to suck out the rest of the semen. Then I licked my penis clean. Without getting up from her knees, she looked at you from below with her tear-stained eyes. You stroked her disheveled hair, lifted her and laid her on the bed, “Well, baby, now it’s your turn to have a portion of pleasure! “- you spread her legs wide apart, bent down and sank your lips into her smooth pussy, began to lick and suck on the clitoris.

You put your tongue into her cave, quickly moved it inside. And again he kissed the fiery bud. Lina groaned, twisted, and a powerful orgasm shot through her. Then you moved and pressed against the member of the entrance to the cave. The member rested against something, you were a little surprised, but did not stop, but increased the pressure, and the barrier collapsed. You burst into Lina, triumphant. She easily succumbed to you, almost not feeling pain. Only a short sob in the first moment. And you entered and entered the tight hot flesh with an accelerating pace. You both moaned loudly and were eager to meet each other. You accelerated the pace to a frantic pace, and after a few deep jerks, finished again. Following the orgasm overtook Lina. You fell down next to her, and so you lay for a while, coming to your senses. Satisfied thoughts wandered in your head: “Now she is definitely only mine! And virginity is generally a bonus. I will not let this little bitch go anywhere! “

Then you reached out and put your chest on Lina, began stroking and pinching her nipples. She quickly responded to the caress, and her hand lay on your cock. Without waiting for the command, Lina slid down and sucked him a little again. You lay on your back, sitting the girl right on your excited trunk. Grimacing slightly in pain, she began to jump rhythmically on top of you. You stroked her ass while exploring the second entrance. And Lina galloped on you more and more furiously. In a few hours you woke up in an innocent girl a whore, passionate and lustful. You got up, began to suck and nibble on her nipples. Another stream of sperm burst into Lina, and she lay down on top of you, shuddering from another orgasm.

After a while, you were again on alert. Lina aroused you insanely. Especially one as now, with her legs spread apart, her thighs smeared with sperm and blood, exhausted by another orgasm. You took advantage of this, turned Lina back to you and thrust your penis into her ass. From surprise and pain, the girl shuddered and screamed. You went deeper and waited a little while she gets used to your presence in the ass. Then you went out and went in again this time deeper. Coming out again, you entered Lina already to the full length and began to manage inside her tight ass. You went in there faster. The virgin hole grabbed and squeezed the penis so tightly that you knew the orgasm would be soon. Having endured the pain, Lina began to move towards you. You moved in a frantic rhythm, from which her neat ass shook. You poured into her again with hot splashes of cum. He took out a member and lay for several minutes, coming to his senses. Linochka was lying on her stomach, with her legs apart. Her pussy was red after the work, and sperm was flowing from the still open ring of the anus. The beauty! You stretched quite enough, and then you took Lina’s hand and pulled her into the bath. Standing up with the girl under a stream of water, you began to soap her, she repeated your actions. Then you put Lina in the tub and unscrewed the shower spray. Opening up warm water, you sent a powerful jet to her clitoris.

She shuddered strongly, and you began to drive a jet all over her pussy, after a while she reached a state of complete ecstasy, moaned loudly, and an orgasm overwhelmed her. You turned the water around, waited until she came to, helped her out of the bathroom. As soon as Lina got out of her, you put her face to the wall and bent down. Now her clean holes were visible to you in all their glory. You entered it again and for a long time, without haste, you had it in one hole, then in another. Finally, having fully enjoyed her body, you slapped Lina on the ass, and completely exhausted, barely reaching the bed, fell asleep in her tender arms.

The last thought before falling asleep, you had one: “I got a good bitch … tomorrow I will start raising her …”

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