Good morning bitch!

The morning sun glided over Alice’s naked body through the tightly drawn curtains. The left half of the girl’s body peeked out from under a soft blanket painting a very delicate and erotic picture. The sun lined the room with a thin line of light along the entire bed. The beam passed in a continuous straight line along the girl’s entire leg, bending at the rounded hips. At a slender waist, he again became straight and ran to his chest where he again flexed strongly. The beam fell on plump lips and a neat nose slid past the eyes, not wanting to wake the young girl and ended its journey on disheveled black hair scattered over the pillow. In a dream, the girl stretched gracefully and turned over on the other side, throwing her long leg onto the soft toy of the shark, becoming completely naked.

The deep sleep stage was interrupted by a sudden vibration in the buttocks. Alice, without opening her eyes, bit her lower lip and ran her right hand between her legs. The index and ring fingers began to gently massage the lips, and the middle one rushed between them and began to actively make circular movements. The butt plug vibrated to the rhythm of the waves washing the shore. With each new wave, the vibration intensified and faded for a couple of seconds. Then everything was repeated. The girl moaned, and the middle finger began to walk back and forth, penetrating deeper with each new intensifying wave.

The pauses between waves began to decrease, then disappeared altogether. The vibration was constant and the bottom bar increased with the top bar. The girl turned over on her back, landed her hot hips on the shark, spread her legs and, in time with the vibrations, more and more actively penetrated herself with her finger. First one, then the index was connected to the middle. The light moan at the beginning changed to gentle shouts. Alice grabbed the headboard with her left hand. Her knuckles were white. Loud moans filled the bedroom, and the shark got more and more wet under the moaning girl’s thighs. Vibration reached its maximum point and was fixed there. The girl turned over on her stomach and went with her whole face into the pillow drowning out the screams of orgasm. Her hips were shaking with convulsions. The vibration has stopped. For a while the girl lay there panting, then sat down panting and looked at the phone on the bedside table. An unread message from the “Mistress” shone on the screen:

  • Good morning, bitch!

Good mornings became a tradition for Alice. For the fourth day in a row, she wakes up to the vibration of the butt plug. The fourth day since the courier handed her that very parcel with a cork, a USB flash drive and instructions. The girl blew with relief on her long hair that covered her face. Several strands of damp hair flew in, revealing her face red with excitement. The whole body was covered with beads of sweat. One drop began its escape on the collarbone, slid along the cleft between the third size breasts, slid along the tattoo under the breast and numbed into the navel on the flat tummy. Alice had already taken a breath, straightened her hair and went to the shower to clean herself up. The cork was barely visible between the two toned buttocks.

Having admired herself a lot in the mirror, Alice felt the oval stopper of the cork and pulled it gently. The anus ring began to expand, releasing the plug. Gently stretching to the maximum diameter and pulling a little more, the cork completely jumped out of the bottom under a small sound of accumulated gases coming out. This object of morning orgasms was a fifteen centimeters long black rubberized cone rounded at the top with an oval stop. In diameter, this miracle of modern technology in its maximum place reached about five centimeters. A light blinked at the base of the limiter, next to it was a connector for charging the battery. Alice quickly washed the cork, put it on exercise and went to the shower. In the process of water procedures, including an enema, Alice recollected how it all began.

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