Guess Who

It all started with the fact that I was offered to come to the bachelor party. The offer came from my close friend and I could not refuse.

Arriving at the appointed address, I found myself in a semi-basement room, in the middle of which there was a table at which seven men were sitting.

Their gazes were fixed on me. Shyly, I greeted. One of the men invited me to the table. They poured me vodka, gave me a bite to eat, and a conversation began, which gradually subsided.

And then I received an unexpected offer: “Christina! Now we will play a game with you. You have to guess who has you. If you guess wrong, we punish you. Take off your clothes. “

They quickly cleared the table, lifted me onto it and turned on the music. Still not recovering from what I had heard, I undressed, trying to be in time with the music. Blouse, skirt, stockings, shoes, panties – everything was on the floor. The music suddenly died down and I was left standing on the table completely naked.

How will I play with them? I even barely remembered their names! They probably counted on this.

They laid me on my back, tied my eyes, spread my arms to the sides and held me tight. The legs were raised high up and also spread to the sides so that my bosom was completely open.

They held me tight, and I was all tense in anticipation. However, the first entrance was unexpected. The member literally broke into my vagina and began to move so brutally in me, as if trying to tear me apart. I groaned and tried to pull myself free. The men only laughed and began to hold me tighter. Suddenly my vagina was empty.

  • Who?

I didn’t know and received a few tangible pinches on my chest and stomach, so I screamed. I liked it.

The next member entered me like a hammer blow, lingered, and slowly began to go out to again thrust into my bosom with force. I moaned and twitched from a member, then after him. The men liked it. Of course, I didn’t guess again. This time, they began to pinch me on the nipples and labia, which fluttered in public.

Then the men entered me one by one. They moved in me just enough to turn me on, and, seeing this, they took out their members from my womb, demanding to guess who they belonged to. Of course I was wrong. The punishments have become more varied. At first they just pinched me: on the breasts, nipples, stomach, thighs, labia. Then they began to whip me with a belt all over my body. Seeing me wriggle and scream, they became even more excited.

When they got tired of being so amused, they began to cum inside me one by one. When a member of another man entered me, the vagina squelched and this caused laughter. This went on until their sperm began to spray out of me.

“Your fucking cunt is already full to the brim!” – with these words I was turned on my stomach. My feet were spread wide on the floor. Male sperm began to flow out of me and down my legs. The men admired this spectacle. Finally they left me alone.

But this did not last long. Apparently my sight turned them on strongly. Drinking vodka and eating snacks, they said they thought my butt was not developed enough. With a hole as small as mine, I can’t do the job ahead of me.

They ordered me to climb onto the table, on which I climbed with difficulty. Someone helpfully handed me a hefty rubber truncheon. I had to shove it into my anus in full view. I understood that it was better to do it myself.

The men gathered around the table. Bending my knees, becoming vskoryaku, I parted the buttocks with one hand and tried to introduce the weapon. It was hard. I had to lubricate the hole with liquid that was still flowing out of me. I squatted down, resting the club with one end on the table, and directed the other into my anus. It was uncomfortable, and I looked pleadingly at the men. They understood. Strong hands took the truncheon and held it firmly, resting it on the table and pointing it upward. I parted my buttocks with both hands and began to sit on her. It turned out that the cold rubber got quite deep into my anus.

After drinking vodka and admiring the sight of me standing naked on the table with a club in my ass with a club in my ass, the men began to work on me in a businesslike manner. Having put cancer, they began to come to me: one – in the anus, the other – in the mouth. The others held me back, letting go of comments on my occasion. They replaced each other so that I lost count and in the end I went limp in their arms, giving them all my body. I could no longer hold a member in my mouth, it fell out, and the man, furious, tried to drive it deeper into my throat. I was hanging on my hands, and two pistons on both sides worked rhythmically in me.

I couldn’t even figure out when it was over. I realized that I was lying naked on the table, all wet and sticky with sweat and semen …

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