Have you seen how friends fuck your wife? Part 1

I have seen. Literally tonight. But I will not rush and start everything in order. I am 23 years old, my wife – 19. She is a tall, slender brunette with long hair up to the priests. She has a beautiful face and a smile, gray-blue eyes. Her lovely firm breasts of the second size with small pink papillae sticking out nicely fit in the palm of your hand. She constantly monitors the cleanliness of her crotch and ass. Everything there is carefully epilated from hair and the skin feels like a baby’s. She loves sex very much and it happens that when you give her a massage and stroke the back of her head, she already flows and almost ends, at this moment she is ready for anything.

This is her weakness today and took advantage of two of my friends – Stas and Vlad. Honestly, I talked to each of them for a long time about this and with her too. But these were all words and fantasies. And yesterday, Sunday (24.06.2012), it was hot in our city and no one wanted to be outside. Therefore, friends came to our house and the four of us slowly sipped cold beer on a large sofa, blown by a floor fan. The men were dressed in only shorts, and the wife was in a top without a bra and in tight denim shorts. Every now and then I caught the candid glances of my friends, looking at the open and attractive hollow between her breasts, as well as the nipples sticking out through the fabric of the topic. In addition, you should have seen how she walks gracefully, throws her legs over her legs, and when she spreads them, you immediately want to sit between them, feel the coolness of her thighs and kiss, kiss.

So we had fun, joked, laughed and gradually the conversation turned to massage. Then my wife said that she really wanted someone to massage her. And Stas volunteered to do it. She lay face down on the sofa, and he sat down next to her and began stroking her lower back and back. Gradually he began to massage her between the shoulder blades and shoulders and the topic began to interfere with him. My wife understood this and suddenly did what I was very afraid of. She raised herself on her elbows and pulled the top over her head. Although it was done quickly, we all managed to make out her white breasts. She lay down on them, and stretched her arms forward. Under the weight of the body, the breasts pushed out on the sides and it became even more piquant. To be honest, this picture excited me very much. By that time I was already pretty drunk and watched all this from the chair. Vlad was sitting in the next chair, and I can roughly guess what his thoughts were.

And then my wife unzipped the shorts and lowered them and panties a little so that Stas would be more comfortable massaging the coccyx area. You can imagine this picture when your wife is lying on the couch with shorts and panties almost removed from the priests, when her chocolate hole is about to be visible, and your friend is already sitting on her legs and stroking her back, while almost not hesitantly touches her bulging breasts. At that moment, when I was already at the peak of excitement and thought that everything would be over now, my wife suddenly turned her head to me, looked at me with her fucking eyes and said that I was already too drunk and I should have gone to bed. Imagine! It was as if lightning struck me, I did not know what to say, but got up and went obediently into the bedroom. I lay down on the bed, but so as to see what was happening on the couch, what a hell of a dream. I turned into one big ear and binoculars.

I heard Stas suggest Vlad to massage my wife’s legs, and he happily agreed. Vlad went to the sofa and began to stroke her slender legs and especially feet and toes. My wife no longer hesitated to start moaning with pleasure. At this moment, Stas bent down and began to kiss her shoulders and neck. She moaned even louder. He got off her and continued to gently kiss the back, gradually sinking to the priest. So he reached the dimples above her buttocks, and then began kissing and squeezing the sweet halves of my wife’s ass. Of course, his shorts got in the way and he began to lower them a little lower. He had already completely lowered them and she was left in some slightly lowered panties. Stas continued to fondle his wife’s ass for some time, and then pulled the shorts down completely. My wife raised her legs to make it easier to pull them off. When he took off his shorts, he did not stop, but immediately pulled on his wife’s elastic bands and panties. And so I saw how my wife did not resist, but gracefully at first slightly raised her ass, and then her legs and panties flew to the floor.

That’s it, my wife now lies completely naked in front of my two friends, who are stroking her almost everywhere, looking at her ass and the lips of the mink visible below. While Vlad was massaging my wife’s legs, Stas continued to kiss her ass, back, neck and nape. So she turned her head to him and he pressed to her lips. The next moment she first turned onto her side, and then onto her back. Now she was lying completely naked in front of them, exposing her charms on display.

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