Have you seen how friends fuck your wife? Part 2

They immediately began to caress her breasts, belly and burrow together. She spread her legs a little to make them more comfortable. Stas kissed her lips and nipples, and Vlad lay down between her legs and his tongue caressed her clitoris. Have you ever listened to how your wife cums under the caresses of other men. I advise you to listen, it’s unforgettable. My wife screamed so that I think my neighbors and neighbors will look back at me for a long time, jealous. Her orgasm lasted about five minutes, and they continued to caress her. Then Stas went to the bathroom to wash his penis, and Vlad began kissing her on the lips.

From the bathroom Stas came already completely naked and with a half-erect penis. He walked over to the sofa, and my wife got up and sat down in front of him. At first she stroked Stas’s hips with her handles, and then looked towards our bedroom. I managed to close my eyes as if I was dreaming. She looked at me carefully, and then turned to Stas’s cock and gently kissed his head. At first, she kissed his entire penis like this to the base, then wrapped her lips around him and began to suck. Vlad at that moment stroked her back and breasts, and then he also went to wash his penis. When he returned, my wife was already sucking Stas’s penis in full, she jerked off with both hands and swallowed the testicles in turn. Vlad approached my wife and invited her to do the same thing that she does to Stas.

And now she is already sucking two dicks of my friends at the same time, and they are stroking her shoulders, breasts and head. Then they put her on her back. She herself spread her legs, leaving her wet mink to Stas and he drove his penis there. My wife loudly began to moan and wave to Stas. Then he put her legs on his shoulders and began to vigorously hammer her burrow. Vlad at this time settled down next to her head and inserted his dick into her mouth. So she lay moaning with a member in her throat. Stas kept accelerating his pace and now I heard how my wife, without ceasing to caress Vlad’s penis, managed to tell Stas not to cum inside her. He took out his cock, grabbed it with his hand and finished on her stomach and breasts.

He continued to jerk off his cock until he poured all of himself on her. Almost immediately, Vlad began to finish behind him. He also began to help himself with his hand and shoot his sperm directly into my wife’s open mouth. She stuck out her tongue and he poured onto him, and she swallowed. Then she gently sucked the rest of Vlad’s sperm and lay contentedly on the couch. She and the guys took a greedy sip of beer and continued to have sex. Vlad put my wife cancer and entered her from behind, and Stas lay down in front of her, spread his legs and offered to suck his slightly fallen economy. This fucking lasted for 10-15 minutes, and then the wife sat on Stas’s dick sticking out, and Vlad stood next to the sofa and gave her his in her mouth. My wife loves to cum while sitting on a dick when she manages to control the process of clitoral arousal herself. She finished like this after five minutes and went limp on Stas’s chest.

But the guys wanted to cum too. Vlad began to take the lubricant from my wife’s pussy with his hand and lubricate her other hole. My wife realized that they were now blowing her into the ass and said that she would certainly give it to the ass, but she needed to be lubricated with a special cream. She got up from the member of Stas and went into our bedroom. Of course, I snored with relish. The wife took out our cream for anal sex from the closet and handed it to Vlad. She again sat down on Stas’s sticking dick, and Vlad began to lubricate her ass. First, with his fingers, he developed a hole for her, and then inserted his rather big member there. I already looked with all my eyes as he moved his penis in her ass, and she, from his blows by inertia, moved on Stas’s penis. She moaned without hesitation at the top of her lungs, although Stas tried to drown out the moans by kissing her on the lips.

My wife finished first again, and then Vlad began to cum right in the ass. After that, my grateful wife got off Stas’s penis and began to suck and jerk him off. About three minutes later he tensed, pressed her head to her groin and finished in her mouth, and she swallowed everything and sucked the rest. Do you think this was the end? No, my dears! They still sat and drank beer, the guys vied with each other to express their admiration for my wife’s body and the ability to fuck. They especially liked her emancipation, as well as her ability to quickly finish, caress the penis and the ability to swallow sperm without hesitation and continue to suck.

After that, Stas put her on the sofa and wanted to try her ass too. At first, his wife rejected, saying that she would be sick all over, but he was persistent and affectionate. He put her on her left side and with his finger smeared cream on her hole. Then the wife spread her halves of the ass with her right hand, and he gently, helping himself with his hand, introduced his penis into her. At first he moved slowly in it, and then began to speed up. He held her breasts and fucked her, and she grabbed her nails on the sofa. Stas turned her onto her back, pressed her knees to her breasts and laid down on her with all his weight. Her ass turned out to be lifted up under his penis and he entered it completely, up to the balls. Then he made a couple of sharp movements and froze. His moan merged with hers, but he continued to move and cum in the ass. Stas took his penis out of her ass, freed her legs and his wife straightened them. He kissed her on the lips and said how lovely she is and how he envies me.

Then he got up and went to the bathroom to wash his penis, and Vlad took his place. He also put her on his left side, but began to fuck in the hole. So he fucked her for ten minutes. Then he put her on her knees in front of the couch and fucked from behind for another ten minutes. After that, he put her on her back and threw her legs over his shoulders and continued on his knees. I watched my wife’s breasts flinch from Vlad’s blows, how she looks first into his eyes, then at his penis, which enters her with force. So he made the last movements, froze a little and abruptly pulled his penis out of my wife’s pussy. She managed to grab his penis with her hand and began to help him finish, substituting her mouth under the stream of sperm. And he was shooting sperm incessantly.

After that, they sat for a while and the friends gathered at home. My wife accompanied them in the hallway naked. When she closed the door behind them and came to my bedroom, I was already lying with my eyes open and looking at her admiringly. She asked me what I saw and I replied that I saw everything from start to finish. “So how is it?”. Instead of answering, I pulled her to me and kissed her lips, which still retained the smell of my friends sperm. I touched her swollen and wet burrow with my hand, and then I penetrated it with my finger and felt how swollen and elastic the walls were. I put my thumb in there, and with the ringless I got into the oiled and fucked up ass. I connected my fingers through a thin partition and massaged it a little with them. At that moment, my wife breathed deeply and reached out with her hand to my protruding cock. Towards the morning I repeated with her everything that my friends did. I fucked her in the pussy and ass, and finished exclusively in the mouth. When I asked her if she would still continue to fuck with my friends, she said yes, if I like it.

That’s the whole story today. I wonder how Stas and Vlad will look me in the eye and tell me what happened. If not, I’ll tell them everything myself. Who liked write me and leave comments.

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