Hike to the bathhouse

Once we went to the bathhouse with a friend of his wife and her lover, we did not know them. My wife and I entered the locker room first, began to undress, then her friend came up with her new friend. At this time, we almost undressed, remained only in underwear. I put on a sheet and took off my underwear

My wife was not shy and did not close, took off her underwear, took a sheet in her hand, and we went to the steam room to warm up, there she spread the sheet on the lower shelf and lay on her back, I lay down on the upper one. A couple of minutes later, completely naked, her friend and her companion entered the steam room. Considering that the wife left in negligee, they concluded that the bath would be nudist.

The wife tucked her legs and they sat on the bench behind her. A friend’s lover looked between his wife’s legs and said: too much wool! I should have shaved her. For which he received a slap on the head of his companion, with the impact that other women should not look between their legs. My wife told him that she was happy with everything, and whoever does not like that, let him shave. He added that he was ready to shave her. She had not expected such impudence. She moved her legs and made an offended look.

Then she got up and went into the room at the table. We all went out and sat naked around the table too. The tabletop on the table was glass, the Wife looked down, everyone around her had their pubes shaved, and then she says yes and really overgrown. Then she asked me if I had a razor with me, to which I replied that no, then she turned to her friend with a question about a new disposable razor, she replied that she did not, and added that she had prepared in advance at home. And her boyfriend said that he had, but he would not give it into her hands.

But if she wants, then he is ready to shave her. She told him that he should fuck with such proposals. Some time later after warming up in the steam room, I climbed into the cool plunge pool to cool off, since there was no pool here. At this time, her friend came out of the steam room and climbed into my font. I was about to get out of the font, my wife’s friend seemed to accidentally grab my penis, after which he of course got up, I already threw one leg over the edge and then my wife comes out of the steam room and sees such a picture. her friend in the font, her husband with one leg, also there with a standing member in front of her face.

Silently, she turned around and went back to the steam room. Her friend, while I was in a state of shock, from the situation, took it in her mouth. From this I generally fell into a stupor. But conscience woke up in me, I took my penis out of her mouth, although I did not want to do it at all, I got out of the font and went to the steam room with a riser. The wife pretended not to see anything, only asked why such a boner?

I brushed it off and said that something was in my head. A little later her friend came in and sat down next to her. We warmed up a little more and went to drink tea at the glass table. The wife looked across the table and said that she was here like a white crow, or rather hairy with her bush between her legs, she really ought to mow it down. I turned to my friend’s boyfriend to carry a razor, to which he replied that he would not give anyone a razor (Explaining that he really likes to shave women between their legs, and that he promises that he will not bother, only shave). The wife gave her consent and went into the shower to wash her bush. After that, she lay down on the bench in the shower room, spreading her legs.

Her friend’s boyfriend went and took a razor and shaving foam, foamed her pubis and crotch on her, and began to shave her. After shaving her, he stroked her pubis and her patty, then said that everything was ready, smoothly. His wife told him that he would once again check, just in case, for the smoothness of her pubis and, most importantly, the pie. He replies that he promised not to bother, to which she answers him, don’t stop, but just check the quality of the work.

And by the way, she told him that she had read somewhere that the tongue is a very sensitive organ. He thought for a second, then stroked her pie with his hand, even where he did not shave. The wife stood up with a crustacean and told him to mow everything clean there too, and did not forget to check the quality of the work. Her friend and I watched it and silently weighed. He shaved her ass, checked the quality and said five. The wife lay down on her back again and repeated that the test with the tongue would have been better! He looked at us, we were in complete shock, I was speechless, and his girlfriend said that if necessary for the case, then let him check. After which he did not lick a lot of my wife between her legs.

She got up and washed off the rest of the foam in the shower and came to our table, asked me how I like what I saw? Without waiting for an answer, she said that she, too, does not like everything from what she sees. I answered her that it seemed her barber was very excited and that she was clearly to blame for this. You would also ask him to check the quality of shaving with a more sensitive organ.

Her friend asked her boyfriend why he licked her friends? and did he like it? He replied that she asked, and you yourself said that if it is necessary for the case, then it is possible. And of course I liked it! To which she was touchy and said that if so then fuck her, but I won’t give it to you. She got up from the table and went to the steam room, his wife followed her. He looked at me with a questioning look,

I answered him that let’s not take a steam bath, everything is fine, she’s having so much fun. For about 10 minutes our girls were sorting out the relationship in the steam room. After the wife came happy and said that they all made it up. The guy and I were going to go to the steam room. I went first, the barber’s wife asked me to stay, that she needed to apologize to him. He stayed, and I went to the steam room.

There, on a bench, her friend was sitting with her legs spread. and thought about something. A couple of minutes passed, and he still was not. I decided to go and check, I didn’t want to leave them alone. Her friend said that I would not go. Since my wife saw how she gave me a blowjob. That’s why it was what happened and she really liked it, and that they agreed if I didn’t mind changing places for today. I said nothing and went to the room where my wife and her barber remained.

When I entered the room, they were already checking the quality of shaving with the help of his penis inside her vagina. I left in silence, they did not see me. I got to the steam room, there her friend was lying on the benches with her legs apart and playing with her pussy. I sat down next to her in shock and say that they are already fucking there.

At the same time, I got up, she silently approached me, climbed on top of me, thrust my penis into her crotch and we also began to fuck. after a while I tell her that I will finish now. She immediately got off me, shoved my penis into her ass and after a minute we began to cum at the same time. Moans were heard from the room, it looks like they ended up there too. For some reason, at this moment all four of us burst into laughter. We came into the room, drank wine, then a shower and began to get ready for home.

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