Hotel sex vacation. Part 1

Over the past year, my wife Christina and I not only refreshed our sex life, but also found a very close friend for ourselves, whom we could trust and invite him to share our bed with.

It started when my wife and I were vacationing together in Thailand, in one of the hotels in Phuket. Earlier, we had already discussed the topic of threesome sex with her, but somehow everyone did not dare. Alcohol and a beach holiday on a distant seashore revived this theme in us again.

We met Sergei at our hotel and had already spent the evenings by the pool together.

Finally, she confessed to me that she considered our new friend Sergei very attractive from her point of view and was ready to try with him. A picture immediately appeared in my mind of how we, together with him, would do all this with my wife. The vision pleased me and I offered to invite him to our room to spend the night today. She agreed, and we went to look for Sergei. In the evening, on site, he could always be found by the pool.

Sergei was the first to notice us at the pool, he invited me and Christina to sit next to him on free sun loungers. In turn, I offered him a cold canned beer, which I had prudently grabbed from our room.

Taking off her T-shirt and shorts, Christina immediately climbed into the pool for a swim, and I stayed with him to drink beer. Then together with him, we joined her. I noticed that Sergei really liked flirting with Christina under water. When he licked from the pool to the beach, his swim trunks could not hide his excited dignity.

It was already late enough, the canned beer was over, and I suggested that Sergei continue the evening in our room.

Entering our room, we told Sergei that if he wants, he can stay with us to sleep today. Having said this, we left him alone in a large room, and ourselves went to the bedroom.

When Christina undressed and lay down on the bed, I went to make our “indecent proposal” to Sergei.

I found him in the bathroom, where he was taking a shower. I immediately got down to business, said that I trust him, however, like Christina. Then he asked if he would like to come to our bedroom later to try something new in sex with us.

In what respect? he asked.

Yes, even with me, you will try to satisfy my wife.

At first he looked dumbfounded, but after thinking a little, he agreed. I think that the decisive argument was his thoughts about Christina’s slender and tanned body, her lovely breasts and pink papillae, elastic appetizing ass, along with other charms still unknown to her.

I didn’t turn off the light so that the sight of my wife’s naked body would provoke him even more. It worked. When he entered our bedroom covered with a short towel, I immediately noticed that his hard-on appeared instantly.

Sergei did not have time to come closer to the bed, as she pulled off the towel. A grimace of surprise ran across his face, he turned around in a daze and looked at me. I smiled, nodded to him approvingly, after which he immediately calmed down. His penis, contrary to mine, was thicker and longer, with an open large head without foreskin and large eggs.

After enjoying what she saw, she gently took his penis with her hands, massaged it a little and jerked it off, slowly licked the swollen head and calmly took it into her mouth. Then, with pleasure, she began to work with her hands and at the same time trying to grab him deeper with her mouth.

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