Hotel sex vacation. Part 2

Then, together with him, we caressed her beautiful body in four hands. Sergei lay on the bed on his back, his member billowing to the top was already inviting Christina to land. Approaching him and spreading her legs over him, she first squatted down, then slowly began to sit on his penis. At first, she didn’t even move on him, as if she was getting used to the size and length of his penis inside her. Then, resting both hands on his chest, she began to slowly move up and down. Soon the rhythm of her movements began to accelerate. Sergey wrapped his arms around Christina’s waist, trying to push her as deeply as possible onto his penis. A minute later, she dropped her knees on the bed, first bent her whole body forward, then pressed tightly against Sergei’s chest. She always does this when she starts to cum sitting on top. At that very moment, he bent his knees, grasping her back tightly, hugged her and began to move in her with a vengeance. He did it so quickly that Christina didn’t even try to straighten up, he just started ramming her with his cock. Sometimes she screamed softly when he sharply planted her in “pussy”. For a couple of minutes he did not slow down his rhythm, holding Christina, who was ending on top of him, in his tight arms. After that, sharply pulling a member out of her, he began to violently finish himself.

We continued to fuck Christina with him for a couple of hours, changing places with each other until everyone was exhausted.

The next day, we were all a little embarrassed and tried not to remember the events of the previous night.

But after two days, we began to meet every evening in our room. Time after time we got even more pleasure, as we studied and got to know each other’s desires better.

I want to end with a description of our last meeting. We invited Sergei to our room. That evening he was supposed to come to us a little later, Christina was in anticipation of this last meeting with him. When he came I met him and led him straight to the bedroom. Along the way, we both undressed and immediately joined Christina, she already well understood what Sergei needed to do. She immediately knocked him over on his back and began to suck his cock, while I sat down behind and caressed her wet pussy.

She was all trembling with lust and groaned when I slowly introduced my fellow into her vagina. I was already on the brink when my wife asked me to give way to Sergei.

He put her on her back, spread her legs wider to the sides and sharply immediately thrust her into the best. While Sergey rhythmically hammered my wife from above, I settled down more comfortably on the right side near her head, letting her swallow my dick.

After Sergei finished, Christina immediately saddled me. When she was jumping on top of me, Sergei suggested if she wanted to try two at once.

But Christina was too far away to answer him anything intelligible. Sergey licked and stuck a finger into her anus, this was the last straw, she finished loudly, and a second later I joined her.

After a short rest, we started again, this time she just swallowed my cock, then the same thing was done with Sergey’s cock. Then he told Christine that he wanted to take her again. The sight of Sergei fucking my wife from behind revived my erection. As soon as it fell off, I took command height. The feeling of my beloved wife’s wet, wrecked vagina was great! While I was fucking her uncontrollably, Sergei got up again. This pissed off Christina and she asked me to hurry up so she could take it again. I groaned, sent a powerful jet deep into her body and rolled onto the bed. As soon as I freed Christina, she immediately saddled Sergei. While she rhythmically moved up and down this flagpole, at her request, I massaged her anus with my finger.

Both of them finished quickly enough, and then they all took a warm shower together and just fell asleep in our bed.

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