How I understood what I need in sex. Part 1

My name is Tonya, I am 20 years old, I am a slender brunette, third size breast. In sex, I always wanted a thrill, but I could not experience them. Once on a dating site, a man wrote to me, offering to spend time with him for a very large amount of money if he liked my body. He asked to get naked on all fours, bend over and take a photo from the back and side. Unknown feelings seethed in me and I fulfilled his request, sent photos, the answer came that I was suitable for him and tomorrow he would pick me up in the afternoon, the last thing I received in messages was to prepare well, I hope for such a sum you are not against a small male domination.

The next day he picked me up, it was a good S-class car, his name was Oleg, he turned out to be a well-dressed man of about 45 years old, he smelled great, you can say that I was pleasantly surprised, but as they say, there are devils in a still pool …

We arrived at a good hotel, the room was big, they brought champagne, he sat down in a chair, I reached for a glass, but it was not there.

  • What do you think a whore, I will still water you here, show me your knees and boobs. The man who was sitting in the car and the trail in front of me was a domineering man, it was scary to disobey.

I stalled a little, but Oleg said that he was not going to tell me 2 times and told me to quickly fall on my knees and show my boobs.

I did what was ordered, knelt down and took off my T-shirt, I was not wearing a bra.

  • So that’s better, crawl here

I got on all fours, crawled up to him, he took his breasts in his hands in a businesslike manner, then squeezed and began to painfully twist the nipples, the lower abdomen felt pleasantly warm. Then he let them go and said to take off the remaining skirt and panties, all this without getting up from his knees and ordered to crawl back so he could see my holes. Having undressed, I began to perform, but I was very ashamed, crawling in front of a man twice my age, and an absolutely naked and smooth pussy now opens up completely to him.

  • Stop. I froze, he got up, took something out of his pocket, I didn’t see it, it was happening behind my back and then I felt a pinch – he put a clothespin on his lips, then just 4 more, the last one fell on the clitoris, it was very painful, but this pain brought pleasure that I had never experienced before.
  • Yes, you are all flowing a whore, he ran his hand over the crotch, she was all in my juices. 2 more nipple pegs. Oleg stood in front of me, took off his pants and stuck his rather large organ into my mouth and quickly, grabbing my hair, began to fuck me in my mouth, I choked several times, but this did not bother him, he more and more pushed my mouth onto my penis At this time, the clothespin on the clitoris squeezed so hard that I cursed everything and this meeting, I wanted to go back, but there was no turning back. Oleg was already close to cum, I tried to take off the clothespin, thinking that he would not notice, but received only a savory slap in the face and a stream of sperm in the face and chest.
  • Until I decide you don’t take them off, I pay you money and you are my property. And now I will punish for disobedience.

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