How I understood what I need in sex. Part 2

He took out something that looked like a whip, told me to stand with cancer and put my hands behind my back, all this despite the fact that I was in his sperm, I wanted to leave, but wherever I went naked in sperm, I had no choice but to endure everything this is.

With a whip, he began to knock the clothespins off the pussy, it was painful, very painful, but I realized that the pain brings me pleasure and everything that happens, too, the nipples were burning, and the pussy was unrealistically wet. I was left alone, from the clitoris, my tormentor removed it and, without letting me come to my senses, inserted me, but not a member, I could only guess, I thought about a large vibrator, and Oleg abruptly injected and removed, I stood with cancer and blissed out. I never felt so good, I loved all the humiliation. I felt that the orgasm was close, began to moan, then he abruptly pulled out the object and showed me, it turned out to be a solid cucumber, my juices remained on him, I was ordered to lick them off, I did everything as ordered, he put it back in and no longer took out.

  • Go wash your face and don’t try to take a cucumber out of your pussy, I went into the bath, looked in the mirror, nothing to do with the one I saw in the mirror in the morning, in front of me is a whore, but most importantly I like being a whore.

I got out of the bath (the cucumber continued to be in the pussy, but to be honest, Oleg gave it to me so badly that the cucumber did not bother me at all, and the clothespins from the nipples were still not removed) and what do you think I saw – the waiter who brought more champagne, apparently my “employer” did all this on purpose to put me in an awkward position and he guessed right, I wanted to fall underground, and the waiter boy blushed and became a pillar. Oleg told him – Do you want? – and looked at me

The waiter did not know what to say and he laughed – Give it to her mouth.

I was ordered to kneel down so that the cucumber would not fall out, the waiter came up to me and inserted his penis (small compared to Oleg), I gently sucked the head, then the barrel along the entire length, but this did not bring me pleasure, Oleg was sitting next to me, I looked, and I waited for it to end, I wanted a real man, well, that’s it.

He finished in my mouth, I swallowed and waited for orders. Oleg smiled, gave him some good bills for tea and let him go. He came up to me, looked around, I looked from below, but I was afraid to look into my eyes. He finally took off his clothespins and squeezed my boobs, lifted me up and laid me on the bed, with a cucumber in my pussy, so that my ass looked up, spat on my finger, apparently for lubrication, and began to thrust his device into my ass. Not to say that she was innocent, but it hurt. With difficulty, he pushed it through and began to fuck me, holding me by the shoulders, apparently in order to plant it deeper, it gradually became pleasant when inside you a huge cucumber and a huge penis is cool, apparently Oleg also apparently liked it, he did it faster and faster and faster , I felt like only a hole, it helped me to finish even more, it happened to me 2 times, I wriggled as much as possible, and he pounded my anus with more force and here’s a warm stream of his sperm in the ass …

He got up, got dressed, I was lying, could not recover from what happened … He threw a wad of money with a slap on the table and left. I lay for another 10 minutes, I felt like the last slut with a cucumber in my pussy, then I got up, the sperm was still in me, went to the shower, got dressed, took the money and went, naturally I met the waiter, I still had to go with him in the elevator, by the law of meanness together, he turned me to the wall, rummaged under the skirt, got into the ass with his fingers, rummaged there, then left his number on a napkin, but he was not interesting to me, I was waiting for His call …

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