How i was a girl. Part 2

The first time I was able to withstand literally a couple of seconds and immediately returned, I was so shaking from the surging feelings. But it was also impossible to stop at this, and the next times I became so emboldened that I even went down two floors. Among my mother’s shoes, I found white shoes with beautiful low heels, about five or six centimeters, which she did not wear because they were too big for her. But they were just right for me. And the next time I already did it, clattering my heels down the steps and sweetly fading away from this sound.

The news that my mother was leaving for one day on a business trip delighted me. The first thing I thought was that all day I could give in to any of my desires, without fear of being caught by my mother who suddenly returned. And then I had a desire to put on my mother’s underwear and go out into the city like that. I could hardly wait for her departure.

It was already late evening and I thought that it would be possible to go out not only in underwear, but also in my mother’s shoes, which would not be visible under long trousers. I decided to walk through the park, where no one was at that time, so as not to be afraid of the clatter of heels on the asphalt.

Never before have I dressed so carefully. I was confident that the more all kinds of women’s jewelry I put on, the fuller my sensations will be. In addition to linen, I put on beads, a beautiful brooch, a bracelet. I never understood before why women sometimes wear a thin chain on their legs, on their ankles, but now I wanted that too.

I went out into the street when it was already night, and therefore I tried to walk so as not to clatter my heels. The park was very close, and when I entered it, I was already exhausted from unusual sensations …

  • Hey!

It went cold inside me. The voice was very close and spoke clearly to me. I felt like running away, but at the first step I almost stumbled on my heels.

  • Go here.

I shuddered, turned around and saw two grown-up guys sitting on a stump with a bottle. They looked at me.

“Will they demand money?” – I thought, and for the first time such a thought seemed to me good.

“Look, he’s in women’s shoes,” one of the guys suddenly said in surprise. I felt cold inside. It looks like the leg caught on something, wrapped it up and now you could see a white shoe …

  • Fagot? – chuckled another, – well, take off your clothes!

I had tears from fear, it was simply impossible to undress.

  • Please … I can’t …
  • Pussy what do you want? The guy said menacingly, getting up.

I grabbed the jacket and began to unbutton it with shaking hands. They stared in amazement at the lace straps of the combination, from under which the bra protruded. Then I took hold of the trousers, unbuttoned them, lowered them and they fell at my feet. Feeling horror, I stood in front of them in a short slip, brown stockings and white shoes, afraid to cry.

  • Where did you take it? Mom?
  • Yes…
  • She gave you permission? – the guys laughed.
  • I myself …
  • Does mom have such a big bra?
  • Yes…

They looked at each other.

  • Does she wear a belt all the time?
  • Sometimes …
  • Do you only live with your mother?

I nodded. They looked at each other again.

  • Get dressed. Let’s go to you.
  • What for? – I shuddered.
  • Let’s fuck her.

I was seized by panic fear.

  • No … no … don’t …

They seemed to be ready for these words of mine.

  • Then you, if you don’t want us to fuck your mom.

I nodded resignedly and could no longer hold back my tears.

The one in front of whom I was standing, unbuttoned his pants and pulled out a member. I was afraid to look at him.

  • Come here!

I came close to him and stopped.

  • Take off panties!
  • I am without panties, – I barely squeezed out of myself, choking on tears.
  • Then grab my cock and sit on it yourself.

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