How i was a girl. Part 3

My legs trembled. The first time I decided to look at him. He was already almost tense, overgrown with hair, with a disproportionately large head.

I froze in confusion. The guy grabbed my ass and roughly pulled me to him, spreading my legs with his knees, so that I was standing over his knees almost above his penis, on which I had to sit.

It was terribly ashamed and scary. The guy said something else threatening and I, gathering my strength, for the first time in my life touched someone else’s penis. He was hot and flinched at my touch. I bent him a little and began to kneel down on his knees, holding his penis with my hand.

He touched my butt right next to the hole and I began to gently press, trying to let him in. Nothing worked for me. The guy got tired of waiting and he barked at me again. I began to press harder and suddenly felt that his penis began to enter me. Immediately it hurt, but I didn’t have time to stop when something big seemed to have overcome some kind of obstacle and slipped into me. I realized that it was his head that had already entered me entirely.

“This is it …” – the thought flashed through my mind, – “it has already happened …” From the fact that the moment of penetration was so pronounced, I felt like a girl into whom a man’s penis first penetrated against her desire.

The pain began to subside a little, and the fear went away with it. I sank a little more and found myself sitting on the guy’s lap, as if wrapping my legs around him. His cock had already completely entered my ass, and seemed to take everything inside me.

  • How is your mother’s name?

“Tatiana,” I said, unable to look at him. It was just incredibly embarrassing that I was sitting in stockings, a combination and a bra on the guy’s lap, while his cock was inside me and I was talking to him about my mom …

  • You will be Tatiana, – the guy laughed, – let’s start.

Overcoming the constraint, I began to move a little on his knees, feeling his cock move in my ass. The guy began to feel me as if he were feeling a woman, he stroked my legs in stockings, squeezed the elastic cups of my bra with both hands. I closed my eyes, turned away. From the fact that I was in my mother’s underwear, from the fact that he called me by her name, I suddenly had the feeling that I was my mother. But if earlier, when I put on my mother’s underwear at home and imagined myself as her, it was somehow pretend, and I still understood that I was pretending, now, from the fact that I was being fucked for real, I suddenly felt completely a woman, a grown woman, my mother.

I felt everything the same as my mother would feel, sitting half naked, in underwear, on the lap of a guy, really squeezing her breasts and really fucking her in front of my eyes. There was also a shame that I have too big breasts and I, besides my desire, excite him with this, that his penis is in me and against my desire my ass covers him too tightly, giving him pleasure that these are two young guys, and I an adult woman and I am completely in their power and they can do with me whatever they want and are already doing it, and even so …

I suddenly plunged into these sensations, and they, along with the shame of what was happening, turned out to be so strong that my head was dizzy from surging feelings. As if from the side I heard my involuntary moaning, but at the same moment I felt that my penis was about to rise and it was like a cold shower. I came to my senses and at the same moment the guy entered me with force and finished. He caught his breath and, pushing back, pulled his penis out of me. A strange sensation remained in the priest, I felt his sperm flow out of me and dutifully waited for orders, guessing that humiliation was unlikely to end there.

  • Will you? He turned to the other guy.

He, who watched with curiosity, refused.

  • Get out from here. Run! – said the first, getting up and buttoning his trousers.

I felt immense relief, almost joy that it was over. I quickly pulled on my clothes and, stumbling, ran away from them, afraid to look back …

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