How I was made a girl

Hi, my name is Dima, I want to tell you about my first sex with a guy. It was not so long ago, I was 25 years old. I met a girl and we went with her to Egypt. It was the first time she went, and I was the third. Well, as usual, we rested, swam, sunbathed and somehow accidentally met the guys. It was a couple and a friend. Their name was Seryozha Vika and Sasha he was alone. Well, as always, having a rest in the company is more fun. One day our girls gathered for an excursion to Cairo, and we guys decided not to go, as we already had, and the excursion is long for the whole day from early morning until late at night. Well, the girls left early in the morning. We guys sat by the pool and drank beer. So it turned out that we got drunk. We decided to go swimming in the sea. After the sea we decided to have a drink of whiskey in Vika’s room with Seryoga. I said that I needed to go into the room to change and wash after the sea, but the guys said that, they say, you will wash with us, I agreed not to waste time. We came to the room, first Seryoga went to the shower, Sasha and I drank whiskey, then he went, I was the last. And I will say that we were all already drunk.

I went into the shower and started to wash, it took about 5 minutes when I felt that someone came up to me from behind and put a hand on my ass. I was just dumbfounded, and he, standing behind, began to touch my penis, pressing against me, I felt that his penis was standing. And I did not expect from myself, but my penis also began to rise. By the way, I was completely normal in orientation and had never thought about anything like that. But in this situation, probably alcohol took its toll.

He stood behind me with a standing member and jerked off mine. By the way, I am 176 and weigh 84kg. He is not a small guy, and the guys were a little taller than me and about the same build. So he turns me to face him and what I see is Seryoga who came with his girlfriend. He put pressure on my shoulders so that I would be on my knees, I don’t know what happened, but I got down on my knees and realized that I already wanted him to fuck me in the mouth like a slut. I took his penis in my hand and began to slowly stroke him. He was not small, maybe 19-20 cm, since I was 17 and his was bigger and thicker. For the first time I held someone else’s member in my hand. I licked it with my tongue, it was warm and dense, even hot, I slowly began to take the head into my mouth out of habit, I almost vomited, he was very big, but I coped with the urge and began to suck it, and after a few minutes I was already sucking smacking him like a slut, and began to understand that I liked it very much. A few minutes later, he fucked my mouth with all his might, holding my head, and suddenly he pulled out a member and began to cum on my face.

I stood like a bitch on my knees, and on my face and in my mouth there was his semen, by the way, very pleasant to the taste, he made me lick his penis and told me to wash my ass and get out of the shower and slap me on the cheek. I washed myself and got out of the shower after 15 minutes, it was very scary. When I entered the room they were both lying naked on the bed. They told me to get dressed, at first I did not understand, but then I saw panties and stockings on the chair. I put them on, and they said that I would be their slut, I don’t know why, but I already wanted to be her myself. I squatted down, and they stood in front of my face with erect members. I began to suck one jerking off the second penis, inside everything was filled with weight, my penis was ready to burst, I sucked them in turn for 5 minutes later, and then Sasha lay down on the bed and pulled me. Now I stood with cancer and sucked his dick, and from behind Seryoga began to knead my ass with his hand. And suddenly I felt how his finger began to massage my hole, slowly inserting a finger into it. (Especially for – It hurt a little, but not much, and at the same time it was also very pleasant, I did not even expect. Then I felt that he was sticking a second finger. He was fucking my ass with his hand, and then I felt something wet, and suddenly realized that he was smearing my hole with cream. He put his penis to my ass and I felt very scared. He began to slowly introduce it, it hurt, I wanted to let go of Sasha’s penis, but he pressed on my head and I could not do it. He introduced it by 2 centimeters and stopped, it was painful, but the pain gradually passed, since the ass was already a little developed with the fingers.

He did not move for a minute, even a pleasant burning sensation appeared in the ass, and then he sharply thrust it back into me until the end. I already howled, but at the same time Sasha’s member only entered deeper into my throat. I tried to break free, but one was holding tightly to the head, and the other to the ass. Seryozha began to fuck me not quickly, but deeply, it was very painful, but after a while I began to feel a strange thrill through the pain. And after a while I already waved my booty towards him. I felt like a whore, one fucked me in the mouth, and the other in the ass and I liked it. Imagine a picture of a guy in stockings with cancer on the bed and two people fuck him. Serezha began to pick up the pace, I moaned like a little bitch. After a while, they decided to change, I rolled over onto my back and Sasha drove his penis into me, I gasped, he was thicker. Serezha knelt above my head and dropped a member into my mouth. After a while, Serega began to cum on my face. And Sasha fucked me very deeply and quickly, I was very pleased, I moaned with pleasure. Serega finished and put his penis in my mouth, I licked it. He got up and went to smoke on the balcony. And Sasha took me by the penis and began to jerk him off, it was very nice, my penis almost burst. After a couple of minutes I started to cum, it was just super cum when you get fucked in the ass. And then Sasha pulled out his penis and quickly put it in my mouth, I felt my mouth quickly fill with sperm, it did not fit in my mouth and began to flow down my chin. I licked his penis and he also went to smoke and I was left lying on the bed, covered in sperm like a finished whore. Then we washed again and went to the bar. I still met with Serega in Moscow and Vika even fucked me with a strapon. but I will not write about it here.

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