How I was vacationing this summer. Part 1

My name is Evgenia, but for my friends I am just Zhenya. I am 27 years old, slim figure, height 167, long black hair, gray, metallic eyes and a rather large elastic chest. Of course, I have always been popular with men of all ages, and this has always flattered me, but I was never married.

This summer I was planning to go to Europe, enjoy the beautiful views of the old streets of Brucelle or Amsterdam, but fate has made its own adjustments. As a result, a few weeks ago, exhausted by at least some kind of vacation, I booked the first hotel with a large double bed on the Black Sea coast and flew away in anxious anticipation of a beach vacation like a seal.

When I got off the plane in the city of S., a wave of warm air swept over me. God, how tired I am during this crazy year!

At the exit from the airport, I was immediately surrounded by taxi drivers, vying with each other to take me to the hotel and at the same time rent a room from them.

  • Beauty! I’ll take it away for half the price! – shouted one of them, and I thoughtlessly agreed to go with him. Sitting in the back seat, I gave the address and we drove off. The taxi driver’s name was Amiran, and he looked at me all the way through the mirror, weighing out compliments either to my eyes or to his chest, which protruded from under a tight T-shirt. He spoke with a slight Caucasian accent.
  • What is your name, beauty? He asked casually.
  • Evgenia – I answered with a smile, pressing my bust with my elbows, delighting his lascivious look.
  • Zhenechka, then. Very nice.

We chatted a little more sweetly and finally got to the hotel.

  • Zhenechka, you have only two five hundred – he smiled, turning to me, – but, as I promised, if you let me touch your beautiful breast, then all this is 1500!
    A little confused by such impudence, I felt my pussy itch. During isolation, I was very hungry for male attention, but still pulling myself together, I counted out the full cost. Yes, the south of our homeland greeted me very warmly.

Amiran, as if nothing had happened, took the money and, having said goodbye cheerfully, left on.

After checking into the hotel, I went to swim and sunbathe on the beach, wearing my favorite swimsuit, which covered only my nipples and pussy. On the beach, men with and without wives gave me greedy looks. After splashing, I lay down to sunbathe. After some time, a muscular tanned man of 35 years of age Caucasian appearance lay next to me. He was wearing only beach shorts and sunglasses.

  • Hey, why are you resting so beautiful alone, huh?

Deciding to give him a chance, I answered:

  • Do you want to keep company?
  • Such a luxurious girl, of course! My name is Akhmet. – unlike Amiran, he spoke without an accent at all

“Zhenya,” I answered, turning on my side to face him, and then a fantasy began to knock on my head about how I would give myself to him in my room. My pussy was clamoring for cock.

We chatted nicely, Akhmet flirted with me and gradually began to take me by the hand, then hug me. I also reciprocated by straightening my swimsuit, throwing my hair back, allowing me to see myself completely. Then Akhmet treated me to a couple of cocktails at the beach bar. Alcohol hit me in the head, and I finally made up my mind.

  • Do you want to come to me? I’ll change and we can go somewhere. – I suggested.
  • Of course, Zhenya! – he answered briskly, – I am taking you to such a hookah bar, you will simply be in seventh heaven!

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