How I was vacationing this summer. Part 2

Arriving at the hotel, I hid in the shower. My pussy was literally shaking with excitement. I rinsed off quickly, wrapped myself in a towel and timidly looked out of the bathroom. Akhmet was lying on the bed and rubbing his cock through his beach shorts. Noticing that I left, he beckoned me with the same hand. I cautiously approached the bed and, apparently realizing that I could be broken, he changed.

“On all fours, bitch,” he commanded, “and drop that towel.

I obeyed. Standing on all fours, my chest swayed appetizingly, and I waited for further instructions.

  • Get on the bed and take off my shorts.

Like an obedient bitch, I climbed onto the bed and pulled off his shorts, under which his fat cock with big balls was already heaving. My pussy was dripping with anticipation and I began to lick them. Akhmet groaned in pleasure.

  • Yes, Russian whore, you know how to obey …

Then I took his penis in my hand and began to play with his tongue, from which his head began to throb and swell.

  • Obedient mongrel, – he gave me a light slap in the face, – like my dick?

I nodded affirmatively, looking into his eyes.

  • I love to fuck Russian whores, like you … – he gathered my hair into a fist and began at first slowly, and then more and more rhythmically to fuck my mouth, – you all come here for the sake of real men … yes, bitch?

I moaned affirmatively, now I just wanted to be fucked by this strong Caucasian. He took his cock out of my mouth and said:

  • Ask me to fuck your stupid cunt.
  • Please, – I groaned, – fuck your Russian bitch.
  • Yet. Humiliate yourself, whore, you like it.
  • I am a dull litter for Caucasians, – I already prayed that he finally fucked me, – please, I want your cock.

Then he turned me around, pressing my head to the bed and lifting my holes, and roughly entered my wet pussy.

  • Yeah … – I moaned.

His cock pounded me up to the balls, he called me a whore, stupid cocksucker, bedding for Caucasians. At some point, my whole body trembled in a powerful orgasm. He pulled out a member and watched me shake under it. After giving me some rest, he stood up to his full height and ordered to lick his balls. I was his submissive nipple, touched my nipples and worked out the pleasure received.

“Open your mouth,” he prepared to finish. I opened my mouth and streams of thick hot sperm hit my face, into my mouth, dripping onto my chest. His cock literally poured cum on me.

  • Aaah, yeah, bitch, aaah !!

When he finished, I collected the rest of his sperm in my mouth with my fingers and sucked the head of his penis.

  • Good girl, – tired, he fell on the bed, – now let’s go to my friend in the hookah bar.

So, for almost two weeks, I became a free whore for Caucasians.

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