How the military fuck women

My name is Anya, I am 25 years old, and I serve as a military doctor in the unit. Morals there are very free, which I want to tell you about.

That day, I was sitting in my office and smoking with my feet on my desk. There was nothing to do, at first I played on the computer, and then I decided to take a break in this way. I blissfully smoked a very strong cigarette and played with my bare feet. There was a confident knock at the door. “Who could it be, I thought, probably Vova was released early.” Vova was the name of a lieutenant who sometimes fucked me. “Come in!” – I shouted, without removing my feet from the table and continuing to smoke. But it was not Vova. At the door were two unknown military men, a major and a senior lieutenant. They confidently entered the room and introduced themselves: “Check from the district headquarters.” Then it dawned on me that from the doorway they saw my slightly dirty barefoot soles on the table, a cigarette in my hand, a computer with solitaire turned on.

As I was barefoot, I jumped to my feet and introduced myself according to the regulations.

“Very bad, Comrade Lieutenant,” said the Major. – Why do we play toys during working hours? Why do we smoke in the office? Why barefoot?

  • I … I didn’t play, the computer was just turned on … To smoke … I only had one cigarette … And barefoot – just the shoes are tight … – I whispered.
  • Why don’t you shave your legs? The lieutenant asked.

Here it must be said that I almost never shave my legs. I just think a woman should look natural. Some were embarrassed, some liked it. As it turned out a few minutes later, the lieutenant was very fond of unshaven female legs.

  • Is it the charter for women to shave their legs? – I dared.

I continued to stand barefoot on the floor, looking up at the inspectors. Then I noted that both of them are male attractive. The thought occurred to me of how nice it would be with one of them to have unbridled sex. Apparently, they caught something in my eyes, and the major ordered: “Take off your skirt.”

We understood everything. I stepped out of my skirt, knelt in front of the inspectors and began to unbutton the Major’s fly. His cock was already swollen there, which I took out and took in my mouth. At this time, the senior lieutenant locked the door with a key. I sucked the major, swallowing his dick in the balls with my lustful mouth. I love to suck pussies, it turns me on very much. I usually suck for a long time. But this time I was not allowed to work with my mouth for a long time.

  • Come on, fuck, substitute holes! – said the major.

I obediently turned my ass and bent down. The major immediately put his dick in my hole and began to fuck. At that moment I swallowed at the starley. His penis was shorter but thicker. I lasciviously stepped over my legs and sucked, having time to wave to the major. But the major decided to change the hole. He took a member out of my vagina and began to insert it into the anal. I must say that I just adore anal and do it regularly, at least once a week, and sometimes two, three, and so on. My ass is perfectly designed, which the Major noted with surprise, easily inserting his penis there.

  • What, everyone is fucking you in the ass, whore? He asked me.

“Not all, but many,” I replied, taking my lieutenant’s member out of my mouth for a second. – I really love it.

At these words, the major began to tear me in the ass even deeper and harder. It was so thrilling to feel a member working hard in the ass that I moaned out loud. “Fuck, come on, fuck me in the ass, – I shouted, – expand my point!”. And the starley was about to finish. Then the major sat down with his ass on the table and sat me down on his lap, continuing to fuck in the ass. Leitekha knelt down and took my leg, which was thickly covered with hair, in his hands. First, he licked my bare sole with his tongue, then began to lick the very leg, rising up from the ankle. It excited him very much. He sniffed my leg, rubbing his dick on the hair, growing almost from the very sole and almost to the ass.

  • Do you ever shave your legs, girl? He asked.

I was blissed out. Naturally, I almost never shave. Here the lieutenant stood up and stuck a howling dick into my pussy. Now I was fucked together. The major was wielding his powerful pussy in my ass, destroying it to an unimaginable size, and the lieutenant was tearing me into his usual hole.

They fought me like that for a long time. Once they changed places, so the major finished me in the mandu, we changed positions several times. At the end of the fuck, I sucked at the Major, lying on my back on the table, throwing my bare feet over the shoulders of the Leitehi, who tore me alternately in both holes, not forgetting to lick my feet and caress the hair on my legs with my hands.

They finished in me once, and once more I took it in their mouth. At parting we smoked a cigarette. I sat on the table and dangled my bare feet, from which the lieutenant kept his gaze.

“I think you passed the inspection test perfectly,” the major said.

And I still did not recognize their names …

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