Hungry Neighbor

I’m 25, a sports guy, I work as a manager. I have a wonderful, beautiful girl. When the quarantine measures were introduced, she was with relatives, where she had to stay. I lived in a rented apartment. I wanted sex terribly, no correspondence and video calls could replace real, hot sex. A single woman, Galina, lived in the next apartment. In her eyes she was in the region of 40-43 years old, round butt, chest, the size of the second, a small tummy. Faced with her in the elevator, staircase or stairwell, I admired her round ass, a member almost instantly got up. Once I was returning from the store and found this picture: the door to Galina’s apartment was open, the woman herself, bending down strongly, sweeping the floor, her dressing gown was pulled up so hard that I could not deny myself the pleasure of admiring her ass in white panties. Most of the evening I jerked off, imagining how I master this beauty.

It was in this robe that she rang my doorbell. It was 10 o’clock in the morning and was lying in bed when the doorbell rang. I quickly pulled on my sportswear and opened the door.

  • Good morning, neighbour! I hope I didn’t wake you up? – I noticed how Galina’s eyes devour my naked torso.
  • Good morning, no, they didn’t wake up …
  • Can we have breakfast together? I made such a big omelet … Yes, and this quarantine lacks live communication …
  • Yes, you can, of course! Just get dressed …
  • I’ll wait for you, the door will be open!

I quickly took a shower, got dressed and went to a neighbor. Galina poured me coffee, set a large plate of omelet. At breakfast we talked nicely, talked about ourselves. Galina was divorced for a long time, worked as a librarian. My gaze kept slipping from her face, to her thighs, which were not covered with a robe. Time passed imperceptibly and had already passed one hour in the afternoon, we had nowhere to rush, we moved from the kitchen to a cozy, small living room and sat next to us on the sofa. Her bare knees beckoned to put her palm on them, a member was ready to tear her pants. To her question why I am so young and beautiful I live without a girl, I replied as it is, that due to restrictions, my girlfriend was stuck in another city with relatives, to which Galina said that I’m probably very lonely here without her and with these words the woman’s hand lay on my thigh, the member tensed even more. I replied that yes, it was rather lonely and boring, her hand stroking my leg.

  • I have been lonely for a long time and lack a man’s hand, warmth and care … – said the woman and moved closer to me, I already felt her warm breath.
  • And you are so strong and athletic! She bit her lower lip and her hand went over my abs and chest. Sitting in a half-twist, she slightly parted her legs and I clearly saw that she was not wearing panties. Her hand continued to stroke my torso. I was very aroused and put my hand on her bare thigh and began stroking.
  • Mmm, how nice! – said Galina and spread her legs a little wider, inviting my hand, her hand dropped from the torso to the groin and felt a solid bump.
  • Do you like me that much? – without waiting for my answer, she kissed me. My hand slid up her thigh higher, everything was on fire, the woman clearly wanted me no less than I wanted her. Feeling the clitoris with my fingers, I began to massage it, tearing off my lips Galina was breathing heavily and moaning slightly, her hand squeezed my penis through my pants. She got up from the sofa, took off her robe, my eyes walked over her naked body, breasts with protruding nipples, a small tummy, short-cropped pubis, straight legs.
  • Like me?
  • Yes…

The woman came up to me and kissed me passionately, answering her kiss, my tongue penetrated her mouth. Galina’s hand went down and crumpled my penis through my pants, while my hands squeezed her round buttocks.

  • Take off your clothes … – the woman whispered.

I got up, took off my T-shirt, pants and panties, my standing member jumped out.

  • Oh, what a handsome man! – exclaimed Galina and pushed me on the sofa, and she sat down on her knees and ran her fingers over the penis.
  • How long have I not seen and felt a member in me!

After these words, the head disappeared into her mouth, I felt her soft lips and a hot, wet tongue. Her head went up and down my cock, her hands stroking my chest.

  • That’s it, I can’t! I want this handsome man in myself!

Galina sat on top of the dick, her pussy was very wet and hot and hugged the dick nicely. Her hips moved, I caught her nipples with my tongue and squeezed her ass, I was ready to cum from the sensations and the long absence of sex. A couple more minutes passed and I strongly hugged Galina, the member began to fill her pussy with sperm.

  • Mmm … good boy!

We went into her bedroom and I collapsed tiredly on the bed. Galina put her head on my chest and gently stroked my fallen penis and balls. Soon the member began to grow stronger, the woman wrapped her hand around him and began to stroke. As soon as the member was fully up, I lay down on top of her, spread my legs and entered.

  • Oh! – Galina moaned.

I began to move my hips, driving my penis into her as deeply as possible, the woman arched and dug her nails into my back, her legs wrapped around my hips.

  • Ah! Oh! Yes!

I put her cancer and entered from behind, Galina buried her face in the pillow. I tightly squeezed her hips and began to fuck, the woman moved her booty to meet my dick.

  • Yes! More!

Pretty quickly she began to finish. I drove a member all the way and also finished. We lay down and began kissing passionately, eagerly.

We fucked until the evening and I even spent the night with her. Until the very end of the quarantine, we fucked every day, for a long time and insatiable.

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