Hurt me. Part 1

Andrei met Alla by chance in a pub. Andrey was not a believer and never begged for anything for himself. But fate finally had mercy and sent him THIS woman. On that day after work, he called his last girlfriend and, not without pleasure, heard that their meeting was canceled due to her purely female malaise. They met for a long time, and she was not the first, and their closeness did not bring Andrei great joy. Ordinary fucking bored him and did not interest him – he met by inertia. Plans for the evening changed, and since the heat was terrible, Andrei popped into the nearest bar to cool down a bit and catch his breath. There were few people, normal people stayed by the water bodies, calm reigned and beer was absorbed in a wonderful way.

After the second liter of drunk, gloomy thoughts crept into my head. Andrei could not understand where and when these addictions and fantasies appeared in him. Even from school, he noticed beautiful girls and women, secretly loved and idolized them. It seemed to him that he was capable of anything for their sake. He especially often imagined that his “loved ones” hurt him for the happiness of being with them. Then there was the first sexual experience, the second: But nothing “like that” happened between them. His passions liked Andrey’s selfless feelings and they allowed themselves to be loved. But when Andrei, after a certain time, expressed his desires with hints, he received a refusal at best, there were evil grins, insults and, as a rule, in the end they parted. He was fatally unlucky and he soon resigned himself to it.

Apparently, such thoughts did not fall on his face in the best way, that a woman of about 30, who was sitting across the table from Andrei, approached him and asked if he was all right. Andrey was embarrassed and answered in confusion that everything was fine. The stranger with a smile reproached him for obvious deception and suddenly asked him to sit down at his table. Andrei did not mind distracting himself from his thoughts and, of course, allowed. He liked her spontaneity and directness. They met, talked, joked and laughed a lot. Her name was Alla, 32 years old, divorced, works in a computer company, has a 6-year-old daughter. Although her face was nothing remarkable, her figure was gorgeous. It was felt that the woman was watching herself.

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