Hurt me. Part 3

A slave in the process of serving could ask the Mistress to bare and show him his breasts. For this he paid with one kick, and in shoes, on the “housekeeping”. For kissing the chest, the Lady struck three blows in the balls. For viewing the lady’s pussy, he had to take five punches to the crotch. The slave received blows both standing, legs wide apart, and from a position on his knees and from behind, being on all fours. For licking the pussy, the Lady would put him on the floor or a chair and trample the penis and balls with the soles of her shoes and stepped on them with a sharp heel. Sometimes Andrei even finished from blows on the penis or sperm was “squeezed” out of the balls when trampled. Alla drank a lot of beer and when the slave asked her to pee in his mouth, she was always ready. For this pleasure, the Mistress dripped melted wax of a candle onto the open head of the penis or, having already pretty pumped up, poked his economy with needles and even pierced the penis and scrotum a couple of times. If the slave immediately asked the Lady to show, for example, a pussy, then he still received blows in bulk and for the previous positions. Whatever one may say – everything is good.

When the slave was indecisive or did not express the proper desires, the Mistress took the reins into her own hands. She ordered him to look at her and showed him something, forced him to lick it or drink the “beer” that asked to come out. And then retribution followed. Between shows, with their attendant punishments, the Mistress played darts and smoked together. The slave took a target with a hole cut in the middle and thrust a penis with eggs into it, and the Lady, drinking beer, threw darts at the target. And quite successfully! They also smoked in a peculiar way – the Lady lit one cigarette, slightly moistened the filter and inserted it into the canal of the penis, until the filter was completely hidden in the flesh. The cigarette smoldered slowly, inevitably approaching the head with its hearth. Slowly she lit a cigarette herself. As soon as she finished smoking, she took out his cigarette as well. But it happened that a cigarette stuck in a penis eaten away faster than it, and then the slave experienced incredible sensations. And then the Lady extinguished it herself, but in time at her discretion. Once a slave could not stand the heat of a cigarette and, from the terrible pain, he wet himself, pushing out the smoldering habarik. For which he was instantly punished – the Mistress commanded to moisten the head of the penis with water and dip it in a bowl with red pepper. Literally in a couple of minutes from the burning sensation and rush of blood, the penis was unimaginably swollen, and the head acquired a purple-blue color. His “arthropod” dance was great.

Over time, it became more and more difficult for the slave to finish. But the Lady did not leave him halfway and resorted to the last tested method – electroeaculation. A small device was connected to the network, one wire extending from it, with a metal rod at the end, was inserted into the ass, and the second one was the same into the penis. Periodically pressing the button on the device, the Lady passed a low current through his genitals, which quickly and reliably led to involuntary ejaculation. During the executions, the Lady herself finished many, many times.

They felt good together and they hoped that this love will last a long time.

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