I got kidnapped. Part 1

A stupefying sweet smell emanated from the girl in front of me with a can of red substance in her hands. I found myself chained to the bed by thick dog chains. Excuse me, what the hell is going on? Who is she and tied me to the bed? Obviously, not to run away.

I’m completely naked. The girl is dressed and behaves decently so far, but my instincts cannot be fooled. Something will happen, and something is clearly very bad. While she was examining me, fixing her gaze on the very place that I diligently scraped with a razor yesterday morning, I tried to recall the events of the past day in my memory.

Absolutely, we arrived with friends in Crimea and pitched a tent on one of the wild beaches. Well, like wild, people nearby rested, but they did not bother us. The last thing I remember was passing out on the beach after much outpouring. (Tasting of the Crimean wine). Judging by the burning sensation on his face, he lay there for a long time and was burned.

My mother is a woman … While I was here indulging in memories, this crazy woman dipped her finger in red paste and began to smear it on me! I tried to express verbal displeasure, but something was interfering with the language. Of course a gag! The one with the ball that is sold in every sex shop. My business is bad, however. Tells about Sefan point ru. Okay, so long as she smears me on my health … I’ll think of something now.

I scan the room, sometimes flinching at the touch of her finger. For some reason I’m afraid to look at her. It is clear that she is insane. It is best to avoid eye contact with these. Somehow I’ll be free, in vain did I hang out in the rocking chair in the evenings? There is nothing interesting in the room, the usual rural setting. It smells of paint and dust. A chill ran through my body when the nutty got to my curled balls, and my back was covered with sweat. Bloody fool! What is she up to? Why is she smearing me with tomato paste? Or what is it? The head does not understand, but we booted up nicely. By the way, why did my comrades let me be kidnapped? I’ll ask them more.

Cold fingers touched the head of the penis. I froze and braced myself for the worst. Yes, like many people I am afraid of the prospect of castration – this is the worst thing that can happen to a man. Suddenly who offended this girl, and now they decided to take out their anger on me? She pushed back the edge of the flesh and ran her finger over the head, leaving a red streak on it, as if a panther had scratched my cock.

I felt creepy, my stomach cramped. I got it, I got it. My nostrils caught the honey aroma that emanated from her, and this smell began to trouble me. Heck…

The kidnapper pressed a button, the springs creaked, the bottom, together with the mattress, threw up, and I found myself in an upright position. The sudden change in the position of my body gave me a thrill in my eyes. I found the strength to look at her. Young – no older than 25, not too pretty, but not ugly either. Perhaps the usual one. Unless the brown eyes stood out from the general image, and there was something catching in them, you cannot pass by such eyes and you will definitely want to get to know their owner better.

Yes, it would not hurt to get to know this person better. But how can this be done immobilized and devoid of voice? She has a strong body, and I even figured: can I overcome her? I figured I could, but only if she took these fucking chains off me. But something told me that she would not do it. We can only hope that they will torment me a little and let me go. So be it, you can use me a little … God, I hope they won’t kill me?

The brown-eyed woman went to the window and pulled the easel closer to her. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was kidnapped for the sake of smearing with ketchup and drawing ?! What is this nonsense of sick fantasy? I closed my eyes and thought hard. When she lets me go, I swear, I’ll twist it into a ram’s horn and fuck her – by force if necessary. And best of all, right in the ass! I was as angry as ever.

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