I got kidnapped. Part 2

A cry, followed by a burning sensation in my right thigh, brought me out of my reverie. I opened my eyes and stared fish-like at the nutcase. She clutched the whip in her hands, which is used to drive the horse. With this whip, she kissed me. Out of frustration, I almost chewed the ball sticking out in my mouth! Honestly, when this fool will untie me, I …

I didn’t have time to think of a thought and again felt a biting blow on myself. There would be a possibility, I would have doubled over in pain. Damn it !!!

  • what do you want from me? – I asked with one eyes.

“I want you to look at me when I paint the picture,” she answered, playing with her whip.

I blinked, making it clear that I agree to watch her, if she so please, and there is no need to beat me.

She sat down at her easel again and began sketching in pencil. I thought that the picture would come out moronic and I hope that it will not get into the general public. Otherwise, I’m finished.

I am German Kivinov, the owner of my own supermarket and almost a gas station (the project is being completed) and I pose naked, chained to my bed! Moreover, it is all in red stripes, as if it was worn by a bear. Not solid somehow, right? Not that I thought I was a tough guy, not at all, I just didn’t want to be involved in strange things. And yes, I have a girlfriend, and it’s going to be a wedding. So … this idiot didn’t fit into my orderly life!

What if she finishes her fucking painting and kills me? Well, so that he doesn’t want to take revenge. At the first opportunity, I must assure her that I will not touch. If only I could believe … I almost closed my eyes, but I came to my senses in time. Ridiculous situation …

I looked at her and thought about mine. Will Pauline cry for me? Or will he immediately go to my best friend? Fields, Fields, so I went on vacation without you and fell into the hands of some pervert, and my fate is now unknown. What’s her name? Masha, Olya, Sveta?

There was a picture next to it and on it I found the answer to my question. Her name is Margot Rukina. And Robbie would be better. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn I would let you do whatever you want with me. However, you have to be content with Rukina, and she is as far away from Harley Quinn as I am from the oil tycoon. She has a good surname, suitable for an artist.

I felt a sharp urge to go to the toilet. How can I give her a hint that I want to pee? Roll your eyes, pointing at the penis or defiantly drop a couple of drops? Why am I in some kind of game ?! Maybe it’s just an alcoholic dream ?! Now I will wake up on the sand, wipe the sweat from my forehead and plunge into the warm sea.

But no. I still didn’t fall. He scratched a board with his heel and felt everything that befits such a situation – that is, tickling. All I was capable of now was scratching my heel and rolling my eyes.

The artist painted, not paying attention to my suffering. Well, Rukina! What will I do with you! I rubbed my hands in my mind, plotting revenge in my head. She was wearing an old blue long dress, her skin was pale, and yellow bruises were showing on her arms. Who is her like that? Failed model? I can’t help but thank him! It’s not enough for her for such tricks. Perhaps I will also give her a couple of bruises … on the left buttock.

If I was immediately gripped by fear, now it retreated. And I could even be ironic about myself. I believed that everything would be fine. Will fulfill his sick fantasy, and will be with it. Then I …

I don’t know why I was overcome by sexual fantasies, maybe because I was naked? And when I am naked and alone with a girl, I always have sex. I was so excited that my penis swelled, and noticing this, the artist raised an eyebrow in surprise and put down the pencil.

  • That you are not at all afraid of me? She asked, stepping closer.

I expectedly kept silent, since I had not yet learned to speak with a gag in my mouth.

  • Interesting.

She chuckled, not taking her eyes off the bloodshot cock, and her gaze made me uneasy.

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