I got kidnapped. Part 3

She pressed the button again and the bed returned to a horizontal position. The crazy girl lifted her long skirt and sat on me. She was wearing no panties. The pubis was curly, and I hungrily stared at him, as at a miracle of nature. It’s been a long time since I saw such “medieval” pubes, “smooth pussies” have long been firmly established in fashion.

She rubbed her sticky crotch over my testicles, got up, pointed her finger at the entrance and gently let him in. It was damp and hot inside and narrow enough. In Polka my penis dangled freely and it strained me, as the owner of the average size. Here it was completely different. Her vagina seemed like a crack, into which I could hardly penetrate.

Damn, what a thrill … If she doesn’t hit me anymore, I swear I’ll forgive everything and pose for free. Well, I’m being raped. For the first time in my life. And how the hell is that nice.

Rukina fucked me with incredible speed, as if someone’s life depended on the speed of her movements! I’m going to come now … and I’m used to stretching pleasure.

However, I was not allowed to finish. Margot jumped off me before the blowout happened, which disappointed me. She lowered her skirt, returned the bed to an upright position, and as if nothing had happened continued to paint. Damn that idiot !!!

The penis demanded unbearable release, and I felt like a fool. And if she keeps me here for several days, or even weeks, periodically raping me and not allowing me to cum ?! I almost howled at such a murky prospect. It was good …

Rukina manipulated me with the carrot and stick method, and I again began to fear her. Who would have thought that it is so easy to break the will of a person?

Somehow I calmed down a member and immediately realized that my arms and legs were numb, and my throat was dry.

After a while, she came up to me and pulled out the gag.

“Let me go, I promise you that I will not take revenge,” I croaked. – Give me some water, please!

“Quiet,” she said, putting a finger to my dry lips.

Instead of giving me water, she began to crawl her crotch over my face, and suddenly I found myself with a powerful erection. The hairs tickled my lips, the pungent scent of female nature crept into my nostrils, her sticky juice was smeared on my chin. Sometimes my breath caught in my throat, and the lack of oxygen was acutely felt. And then she let me breathe a little and again sat with her vagina on her face, and rubbed against him until she finished.

And then, with a distant gaze, she sat down to work again. Burning with shame, I admitted that I wanted to use the toilet, and she brought a three-liter jar. There was no choice. Had to urinate in the jar she kept under the stream. After that, the artist, under a plausible pretext, asked me to lie on my stomach, and I, without thinking why she needed it, complied with the request. She fixed my limbs, and I realized with bitterness that I had missed my chance to free myself!

She drew inspiration from what she did with me.

And then Margot put on a strappy cock.

  • No, no, please! Not that, ”I asked, not recognizing my voice.
  • Yes it. Now I will fuck you in the ass. Admit it, did you dream about it?
  • Nonsense !!! Never thought about it, it’s unnatural, please don’t do this to me. Do whatever you want, but not this! I’m not a fagot!

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