I got kidnapped. Part 4

With a feverish gleam in her eyes, Rukina rubbed her penis with cream. I must give her credit, I chose a small instrument of torture, but still I broke out in cold sweat. This is some kind of nightmare, I’m going to be fucked in the ass now! If someone finds out about this, then … it is better not to think about it.

The torturer scooped up the cool cream with two fingers and anointed my ass with them. I don’t believe it … it can’t be! I used to do it with Paul, and now they do it with me. I was completely demoralized and broken. And he hardly resisted.

The head of the artificial penis slid inward, and my legs were numb from fear. She pressed and went in to the end. The phallus scratched my prostate, and my lower abdomen warmed up. I’m not a fagot, I shouldn’t have fun !!!

Margot moved carefully, leading me into a state of permanent terror. I was in pain, but at the same time I felt a semblance of pleasantness that grew, causing me to shock. I swore heart-rendingly, angry with myself. What a moron, you are raped in the ass, and your penis is staked! I scolded myself.

Margot skillfully played with my prostate, rubbing her phallus against it, like an affectionate cat against the owner’s leg. I broke down and groaned, still not believing that this pleasure was real! She gradually increased the pace, sometimes the member slipped out of me, bringing a feeling of liberation, but she again returned it to my intestine, filling it in one motion.

When I felt the first discharge of sperm, for a while I stopped feeling this thing in me. My senses were centered in my groin – on the sweet bliss that the release of semen brought. Margot noticed the semen on the bed and stopped. Taking out a member of me, she lay down next to me and hugged me. I don’t know why, but these hugs brought me satisfaction, as if I had been fucked with my warm consent.

  • What’s your name? She asked affectionately.

“Herman,” I admitted reluctantly.

She jumped out of bed and went to the easel. As I walked, my cock swayed on the straps, and pain echoed in my ass. She wrote something and proudly showed me the picture. Well, good! I look like a holy martyr!

  • Like?

I didn’t argue and nodded, thinking it was about sex. If only it would never occur to her to fuck me to death in the ass! Why isn’t she taking this thing off?

Rukina took my cell phone and took a picture several times. Must be my memory? Is it over? I focused my eyes on the signature “Herman in Chains.” What a nightmare!

Although we must admit that Margosha is talented. Still would!! In the meantime, mock the model, drawing buckets of inspiration, then anyone will show their remarkable abilities!

  • Sorry, Herman, but it must be so. Have a drink here. ”She handed me a bottle of water.

I tensed.

  • Is it poison?
  • No, what are you? Just sleeping pills. I’ll take you back to where I stole you from. And if you can – forgive.

With a heavy heart, I took a sip from the plastic bottle and sank into oblivion.

I came to myself on the beach, my comrades were sleeping soundly in a tent. Hands and feet were in order, and only a faint burning sensation in the bottom suggested that this was not a dream.

I reached into my phone and found another confirmation. I thought a bit about the “Delete?” Button, but I never clicked on it. Let it stay. Someday I will find Margot Rukina and pay for everything with her.

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