I have long wanted …

I have long wanted to fuck Snezhana in the ass. But for a long time she did not give it to me. She said that she did not like it, although she allowed me to stick a finger in her anus. Once I put her on her stomach and, having inserted a finger into her ass, began to masturbate her. She bit her pillow and moaned softly. Snezhana is actually quite passive in bed. I’m not even sure that she ends up, I don’t know about this time either, but I still have the desire to fuck her in her big ass (and she is a chubby girl). I asked her: “Did they put you there?” “No,” she answered and held me close to her.

We started that day traditionally. Resting after the first time, I began to gently caress and kiss her, setting up to continue. Snejanka very quickly starts up, although it gives the main role to the partner. I put my hand down and touched her distant hole. She was rather dry, and I returned my hand to her face, stroked her plump cheek, touched her lips with my middle finger. She opened her mouth and put my finger in her mouth. After letting her lick, I tried her small hole again, the finger wetted with saliva entered more easily, and I attached the second to it, slightly pushing them apart and stretching her anus. I already got up, I kissed her deeply, maybe this will make her more accessible? Snezhana hugged my shoulders and waited for the continuation. And he stuck out his hand and reached for the bedside table, where I had left the Vaseline in advance, smeared my finger, I returned to her hole. Snezhana quietly laughed and spread her legs a little. My three fingers moved freely in her ass, and my tongue tried to lick her mouth from the inside. Snezhana snuggled up to me, and her hands drove along my back.

“Turn around” – I asked, and Snezhanka lay down on my side. Taking my penis in my hand, I involuntarily jerked off several times. Pressing against her back, I stroked her ass and began to grope the desired hole with my dick, which was not difficult, since her pussy just flowed with juice, while around “my” hole it was slippery from Vaseline. I began to press lightly, Snezhana leaned forward and tried to escape. But I brought her back to me and began to gently push my penis into her ass.

“Relax, girl, come on: I want you like this:”

And then I felt around my head a tight ring of female priests. I realized this before her, and without letting go of her began to push my penis further. She was tight there, as I wanted, my penis expanded from such an event, and despite Snezhanin’s slight cry, I drove him to the very balls and pressed her hips to me. Snezhana jerked, trying to jump off me, once again: and relaxed, getting used to a new sensation for herself, and felt her hole squeeze my trunk several times and let go.

“Well?” She sighed.

I moved back, and the very first movement made Snezhana groan deeply. She pressed against the pillow, and I pushed her cock forward, squeezing into the bed, and began to screw her in the ass. Her ass clenched, and moans were heard through the pillow. She (or me?) Became slippery with sweat, I felt that I would soon finish. The thought that it would be possible to cum inside her, I almost lost my rhythm. Grasping her boobs from behind, I began to crush and squeeze them. Throwing back the pillow, Snezhana began to scream when I pushed her forward, and it is hard to suck in air when I stretched my penis in her anus back. I brought my hand down to her crotch and my fingers almost drowned in her squelching pussy. I really like it when it flows, and I thought I would lick it again today. Then sperm flowed out of me, I pushed her forward for the last time and began to lower it into her ass:


She got off the penis, turned her face and buried herself in my chest. Her hot breath burned me, and went down to the stomach and penis, which did not know whether to relax or it was too early.

“I love, I love, I love,” I whispered into my blonde hair, hugging her, and she was still breathing deeply.

I moved and my cock touched her belly. I reached up, and a member touched her chest, her hand was on my hip, and Snezhanka stroked my ass with her palm. She froze.

“Suck” – I asked.

“No,” she whispered, but her body said differently. I pulled her down, lifted myself up, and my cock touched her nose. I stroked her cheek, inviting her to take my cock. She sighed and hugged him with her lips, I pulled back, forward, freeing the head, still sticky from the sperm, and inserted it into her mouth, feeling her warm tongue. But she didn’t move (Snezhanka doesn’t like to suck at all), so I held her head and moved it back and forth, getting started simply because she was holding it in her mouth. How I would like to cum inside her like that, but we did not agree, therefore, feeling the approach, I stuck out my penis and pressed it to my tits. A trickle of semen spattered on her neck and flowed down. Snezhanka laughed quietly, and I just buried myself in the pillow and tried not to fall asleep.

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