I really wanted a real dick. Part 1

First, a little background about myself. I really love to do anal masturbation. I periodically use my wife’s dildo when I am alone at home. I get an orgasm much brighter, stronger and longer than with regular sex. I can even cum without touching my penis.

As it usually happens, I turn on porn with anal sex. First I give a blowjob to a dildo, it makes me very excited. At the same time, I imagine that this is a real member. Then I usually sit on top of a dildo and ride it, imagining myself in the role of a woman with porn, who is fucked in the ass. In general, I tried different poses, but most of all I like being on top.

Over time, I wanted more than an artificial phallus. Namely, a real, living member. I wanted to feel how he was pulsing inside there, the warmth of real flesh, not rubber. I wanted to know what it feels like to end up in the ass. Give a blowjob to a real dick to cum in my mouth.

Since there was no real possibility, I began to come up with different methods of imitation. Yes, and I’m afraid to meet with men, even disgusting from one such thought. Probably the ideal option would be transsexuals. But more on that later.

So, the first thing I started to do was cum on my face and mouth. This is done very simply, I throw my legs to the top, resting them against the wall. With this, I masturbate in the usual way and the sperm flies into my face, I open my mouth, so that the sperm gets into my mouth.

The next notion. I cum on a dildo, smear sperm on the phallus and give him a blowjob. It excites very much, as if I was giving a blowjob to a real member who had just finished.

And the last notion. Again, I end up on a dildo and insert it into the ass. Firstly, this is additional lubrication, and secondly, the feeling that you have finished in the ass.

But still, this is not enough. I wanted to try with a real member at least once. He met on various gay dating sites, but never came to a real meeting. There were ideas to go to a transsexual prostitute, but getting sexually transmitted diseases in the form of a bonus somehow did not please.

And so, by chance on a dating site, a girl knocked on my door. No photo on the profile picture. We talked, said they say sex prefers only oral and anal. At first I didn’t pay attention. Then, nevertheless, when again the conversation turned to the topic of sex, she asked, they say, you suspect nothing? And then I immediately realized that this is a guy. But it turned out to be not so simple, it was not quite a guy. A guy who has been on hormones since the age of 18. In life, he dresses like a girl, behaves like a girl. Almost a girl, but only with a member. This was my ideal option.

There was only one problem. She was completely passive, although she said that as an exception, she could use her member as intended. So far, we only chatted on the phone and corresponded on the website and on ICQ.

And now it’s time to meet. Just a wife and a child were in another city with their parents. We decided to meet late in the evening, because I usually work late. I invited her to my place. On the way home from work I went to the store to buy beer and something to eat for dinner. After that, I went to meet her at the subway. At first, we could not find each other in any way. She left the wrong exit. And so, there were few people and I saw her at last. She looks like a pretty girl, thin, slightly taller than me. I was very worried, talked a little and came to me.

I bungled a little food, we decided to watch a movie together. We ate, drank beer, talked. If you looked closely, you could see the features of the boy in her face. And of course her voice betrayed. And so, everything was fine, the breasts were small, but they were.

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