I really wanted a real dick. Part 2

We were sitting on the same sofa, drinking beer, it was dark. I decided I had to start acting. He hugged her gently, but that she reacted very positively. He began to stroke her little by little through her clothes, while she sat there and did nothing. I finally got drunk and dared. He began kissing her on the neck, looked for her breasts with his hands, climbed under her blouse and began to caress her nipples. We were breathing heavily with excitement. I started to take off her clothes, at the same time I undressed myself.

And now we were already naked, I looked at her cock, which was already excited. Everything was neatly shaved there, there was no hair at all, and the member was long, but not thick. I lay down on top of her, we were already kissing on the lips, tongues penetrating each other’s mouth. And I felt my cock touching her cock! This was something new. I have already begun to make small frictions, so that our members rubbed against each other. Then I lay down on my side, we continued to kiss. And with my hands I took her cock. Finally a real member! I felt the way it throbbed. At that moment, she also started stroking my cock a little. So we lay kissing and caressing each other’s members. It was wildly exciting. I touched her balls, moved my hands up and down, gently squeezed her cock.

We decided to change our position, we both lay on our side, so that we had each other’s members in front of our faces. We started sucking each other. She sucked my cock very eagerly and non-stop. And I was not of habit, I did it carefully. Licked the head, ran his tongue over her penis. But she sucked so hard that I was ready to cum, I was almost at the limit. And I, too, began to greedily suck her penis, at first I finished by shooting her in the mouth. Then I began to suck her cock non-stop at a fast pace. I wanted her to cum in my mouth too. Judging by her heavy breathing, she was also close to orgasm. I pressed my lips a little tighter and began to suck even faster and deeper. After a couple of minutes, she finished my mouth. I swallowed all of her cum. We lay sideways in silence, I behind her, hugging her around the waist. And we continued watching the film.

Exhausted, we fell asleep. We woke up in the morning, my head ached a little. I had a boner, the more I was lying behind her and my penis rested against her ass. I started small frictions, just drove a member of her ass. To which, she began to assent with her ass and moan softly. Then I inserted my penis into her ass, surprisingly it entered easily, almost like a woman’s vagina. Now she herself sat on my penis, I hardly moved. When the excitement grew, I began to move to the beat. I began to feel the approach of orgasm, but did not want to finish. I took out my cock, put it on my back. Her cock was horny too.

I took my favorite pose, the rider. Gently sat down on her cock. Trained with a big dildo, the ass took her long cock effortlessly. It was an incomparable sensation with an artificial penis. I felt her cock in me. I was already jumping on her penis, my head was spinning with excitement and it was hard to breathe. I squeezed the muscles of the anus her penis, which is why we both received divine pleasure. To my regret, she finished pretty quickly. I felt the sperm shoot at me, it’s just indescribable. I wanted to cum, put her in cancer and fucked her hard in the ass. I very quickly finished in it.

After that, we took turns taking a shower, having breakfast and dispersed. This was my first such experience. It was unforgettable.

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