I want to do everything for you. Part 2

I want him madly. He stops, kisses me with such a kiss that it is difficult for me to stay on my feet. Throws me on the sofa. Turns over onto his stomach and ties his hands with some kind of belt. I’m scared. I’m ready for anything, but I’m scared. I want everything. He puts me on my knees, enters my vagina, makes several movements. I want to cum, but he stops. I can feel his cock at the entrance to my ass. Only he was there once. And only he can and should be there. I shrink all involuntarily, he whispers to me to relax. He starts to enter me, it hurts, tears are flowing, I want to escape, but I can’t, he holds me tightly and makes me endure. My hands are tied. He goes deeper, but the pain does not go away, and then he sharply pulls my hair towards him. Darkness, perhaps only our silhouettes are visible. We are standing, he is kneeling on the bed, I am also on my knees, with my back to him, my head thrown back on his shoulder, he holds my hair, kisses, my hands are tied, his cock is in my ass, to the end. Everything is on fire there, but he hugs me and hugs me, and I do not break free, I already want to obey him. He starts to move, I start to moan. He begins to caress my clitoris with his hand, God, this sensation covers me. I no longer feel pain, I feel some crazy sexual intoxication. He unties my hands, I get on all fours, and he has me. He no longer holds back, enters abruptly, often, deeply. After a few minutes of this furious madness, he ends. For the first time, I feel warm semen filling my rectum. It’s nice. We lie together. Silently. I have a new sensation, the realization that now I can please him and myself with all my holes. We listen to each other’s breath, hug. I love him. So we fall asleep …

Only with him I always had morning sex. It excites me even more. In the morning all senses are heightened. He hasn’t really woken up yet, but his cock is no longer sleeping. I can feel with my booty how he hotly pressed against me. Through my sleep, I try to plant on it. My beloved helps me, we lie there for several minutes. Then he starts to move in me. It was in the morning that I especially sharply feel the relief, warmth, and size of his penis. This is brutally exciting. We move slowly, we have nowhere to rush. I suggest we go to the shower.

He turns on the music, we climb into the bathtub and slide the transparent curtain. We turn on the water. Kissing under the streams of water is very sexy. I go down, kiss his penis, caress it with my tongue – I drive it up and down, make movements as if the wings of a butterfly are fluttering, then I swallow it as deeply as possible and slowly release it from myself, but suck it in. I love his cock, he is so beautiful that I want to stroke him, rub against him, kiss him. I think I can only cum by giving him a blowjob. But I feel that he will soon be unable to bear it, and I don’t want to. I get up, the curtain is already fogged up from the steam and from our hot breath. He takes the soap and runs it over my skin, around my neck, chest, lower back, between my buttocks. It is very nice. He lathers my ass. I turn my back on him, I think that now he will again have me in the ass. I’m looking forward to it. But I feel that something else begins to penetrate into me – not his cock, he asks me not to worry. This is something wide, cold. It turns out that this is a can of foam for hair. It hurts again, but not so much. He shoves it almost to the end, holds it with his hand, and inserts his penis into my vagina. This sensation is new to me, I do not understand how I am more pleased or not. My man begins to move in me and from his movements blows me away again. I begin to wave him, as if there are two members in me, from this I have needles all over my body, we are frantically having sex, love, and this time we end at the same time.

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