In library

It happened in the library.

I’ve always liked going there. It is small, light, cozy and equipped with all the necessary technologies. The unusual thing is that among the shelves there are sofas, as if forming separate rooms with shelves around. Also in the real individual rooms there are thematic sections. The doors to these rooms are closed, but not locked.

The library is served by a gorgeous Woman of about 35. She has an amazing ass, huge tender tits, a secretary style of dressing and a pretty face with plump lips. She is wearing stockings, which always open in all their beauty when she climbs the ladder to retrieve books from the upper shelves.

She is wearing glasses that fit quite well. She is blonde.

The movements are soft and flowing, a magnificent voice and languid, with a languid look. She always has a large neckline on her dress, and often does not have a bra. She often does not wear panties, and washes her pussy selectively, so the magnificent smell of her pussy excites.

I went to her reception. She listened to the question, offered coffee. The perfume is just lovely. I asked for transvestite porn novels. We got to talking. Her name is Margot. She asked me with great interest. She talked about her experiences with passive gay men who dress and act like ladies.

The next question was whether I wore lingerie. I asked a counter question about her addiction to underwear. She said that she does not wear panties, because she often involuntarily caresses her pussy when she reads erotic stories or watches porn films on her work computer. I asked what words she was using in her search. She answered about rape, passive gays, lesbians, fatties, BDSM.

Then she got up and walked to a room in a far corner, calling me with her.

She leaned over to the bottom shelf. Oh, what her ass is. I could not resist and, without touching the magnificent ass, I literally began to lift her mini-skirt with my nails. She quietly, but clearly, asked not to stop, said “yes”. I opened this ass to my gaze and started kissing her buns. Trembling in both body. Dick instantly stood up and began to ooze. Her gates to paradise were also humidified. Divine moisture and Devilish taste. I continued to explore the ass, licking the pink hole with my tongue. I asked if the ass was clean. She said she was always pure, this is the principle. I immediately penetrated the hot anus with my little finger. Moan in response, she is good. He put on a condom with pimples, all in grease. And slowly began to enter the ass. Having played back and forth, he began to intensively fuck up to the balls. I have a complete laser depilation of the whole body and face. When I touched her with my pubis and clean balls, she experienced an extraordinary experience.

Before ending, he took a member out of the bosom of happiness, unfolded my Lady and entered

her mouth. The lecherous tongue and lips worked like a sperm squeezer. She swallowed everything and licked it, including all the little cheese that was already starting to form on the dick.

The last push, once again everything is licked. Her eyes radiate gratitude, orgasm and humility. I lift my pussy and kiss on the lips. Long. She hugs me. Licking my armpits sweaty with passion, I open her jacket and caress her titi. Huge dark nipples. I’m drowning in them. I sit her down on the sofa, spread her legs and lick Lono. Shaved pubis, light streak of hairs, wet pussy, pink cave. I drink juices until exhaustion. She strokes my head and moves it. I sharply put cancer on the couch and fuck in the ass without a condom. Let’s end together. I take her in my arms and go to the shower together, which is also there. There, once again pressing her against the wall, standing, once again I fuck in the ass.

We are together forever. Both have never had such an understanding, and that the whole world would appear before us for further knowledge of ourselves together. Already completely exhausted, we hug each other and leave the shower. Today she is quitting and we are going to Holland. There, in an old house, on the same huge old bed, on Dutch sheets, we enjoy forever.

She fucks me in the ass with a strapon, I arrange a whipping and yelling hard. And so they went to heaven.

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