In the bathroom. Part 1

Oleg lived with his young wife quite recently – they got married two months ago. His wife, Inna, was Korean, but also a very sexy Korean. She had long slender legs, long hair black as night. Although the chest was small, Oleg liked exactly these.

One Sunday morning, when there was no need to rush to work, Inna decided to take a bath. She took off her robe and remained in only black panties and a bra of the same color. When she was taking water in the bathroom, Oleg came in there.

  • Good morning, honey. I decided to take a bath.
  • Okay, honey. I just wash and leave.

Inna leaned over the bathtub and absolutely accidentally lifted her right leg, and it fell right between Oleg’s legs.

He thought it was an invitation to have sex and decided not to give it up. Oleg touched his stallion – he got up and was ready for battle. Oleg came close to his wife and began kissing her neck. The panties were already lowered, and Oleg’s member was steeply rising up.

Inna felt Oleg’s hands on her ass, which were crushing her and stroking her legs. At the same time, Oleg’s lips were gently passed over her neck. Suddenly Inna felt that something was stroking her pussy, and when she looked down, she saw her husband’s penis peeking out from behind her pubis. At this time, Inna was already flowing, her panties were wet.

  • Oleg … What are you doing? – she was practically moaning. And Oleg kept rubbing his cock on his wife’s panties at the entrance to her mysterious cave.
  • Olezhka, insert it into me …
  • No, Inna. First give me a warm-up blowjob.

He turned his wife to him, and they both stepped into the bath. By this time, there was not much water.

Oleg threw his panties to the floor, and the member jumped forward. Inna squatted down, the brown-red head of Oleg’s penis was swinging in front of her face.

  • Come on, baby, take it …

First, Inna kissed the penis, and then completely swallowed and began to make progressive-return movements. She completely sucked the penis from base to head.

“She does a great blowjob,” thought Oleg.

Inna’s lips worked great, besides, her tongue tickled the head very nicely. Oleg was already ready to explode several times, but Inna did not let him do it, then slowing down, then increasing the pace of his movements. At the same time, she reached into her panties with her left hand and fiddled with the swollen cherry of her clitoris.

  • Oh … Inna, come on, swallow it deeper … Yes, yes, like that. Oh, baby … – Oleg moaned with pleasure.

Finally, Oleg could not stand it and released a tight stream of sperm on his wife’s face. Inna finished from masturbation almost simultaneously with Oleg, and now she was smearing her husband’s sperm, continuing to suck his penis, which had begun to fall off.

Inna’s whole face was in the seed of her own husband. Oleg stroked his wife’s head with satisfaction.

  • Oh, it was, perhaps, the best blowjob in my life!
  • Thank you, dear, I tried for you.
  • Let’s take some rest. My friend needs to gain strength, – he pointed to the fallen member.

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