In the bathroom. Part 2

  • And I need to wash, otherwise I’m all in your sperm …

Oleg sat down on the edge of the bathtub and began to watch his wife washing her face. She squatted and sprayed tap water on her face. Suddenly she turned to face him and said …

  • Oleg, I want you!

Oleg did not need to be persuaded for a long time. He got up and led Inna to the wall and took off her wet panties. By this time, his cock stood up again. Oleg spread the halves of Inka’s ass to the sides and saw a small ring of the anus. It was there that he wanted to fuck Inna. He stroked the gap from the anus to the vagina with his head, rubbed his clitoris a little with his finger and sharply thrust Inna into the ass for the entire length.

Inna thought that they would have classic sex, and did not expect this. But it seems Oleg wanted variety.

A sharp pain pierced Inna’s anus, and she screamed …

  • AND! Oleg, wait!

Oleg stopped and waited a little. Then he began to slowly pull the cock out of his wife’s ass. When he completely pulled it out, a light pop and a sigh of Inna was heard. Oleg again, but already slowly began to introduce a member into the anus. Inna’s ass was undeveloped, narrow, she gave Oleg indescribable pleasure. Inna began to get used to it and even enjoy it.

Oleg began to move – slowly at first, then faster and faster, and then he fucked his wife in the ass with all his might. His balls slapped about Inna’s vagina, and it only turned her on. So they fucked for about 5 minutes. When the orgasm overtook Oleg, Inna finished several times already. Husband’s cum burst out of him

penis into Inna’s rectum, and she finished again.

  • I haven’t finished this way for a long time … – she tried to step, but anal sex responded with pain in the anus. – Looks like you ruined everything for me.

“Sorry,” he drew her to him and kissed her.

She reciprocated with a mutual kiss, went to the edge of the tub and raised her leg high. Oleg understood everything without words and came up from behind. Her vagina craved his cock, and Oleg gave it to her. He thrust so deep that he reached the uterus, and Inna screamed. He fucked her mercilessly, like a robot, driving in a dick so that Inna screamed without interruption. And then he turned over, put his back on the edge of the tub and began to fuck, holding her by the hips. From continuous sex, Inna finished and finished everything, having already experienced about ten orgasms.

  • Yes! Yes! Deeper, Oleg, deeper! Also … Ah … Ah …

This position, it seems, liked Oleg the most, and he put his penis into Inna’s poor, stretched vagina for about half an hour. Finally, he reached orgasm, arched his back and shot in his wife’s vagina.

“We may have a baby,” he said, sitting down on the bath.

Exhausted Inna sank into the bath, and the water pleasantly cooled the burning vagina and itchy anus. Oleg asked Inna to give him a blowjob again, and she agreed. Oleg’s member was lying, and in order to lift it, Inna had to work hard with her tongue and lips. But since she did it perfectly, Oleg’s member was again on alert, and he invited Inna to be on top.

Despite the pain between her legs, Inna willingly but carefully began to lower herself onto her husband’s penis, facing him. When she went down to the end, it was somehow unusual, but after waiting a little and starting to go down and up Oleg’s trunk, she caught a real buzz. She then accelerated, then slowed down the pace of movements, thereby turning on Oleg more. They finished at the same time with a groan of pleasure.

Then Inna decided to try a little differently … she turned her back to Oleg and stood with her feet on the bath. It was much more comfortable that way, and you could move faster. Oleg got indescribable pleasure from such a race. He kneaded his wife’s small breasts, and she moaned with pleasure. This went on for about 5 minutes. After continuous sex, they together, at the same time felt the strongest orgasm. Their screams and groans were heard even from neighbors. After this incident, Oleg and Inna began to fuck more often, and soon they really had a small child.

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