In the police. Part 1

Artem knocks on the door. They do not open to him. Knocks again. Finally, the door opens.

The door is opened by a girl in a police uniform who looks stern but extremely sexy: a tight-fitting miniskirt, high-heeled boots and black stockings. Blond wavy hair falls over the shoulders, high breasts with eye-catching cleavage contrast with the strict makeup and haughty expression.

C: Major Sharapova. Svetlana Sergeevna.

Artyom smiles stupidly.

A: Hello, Svetlana.

S: No familiarity here, Petrov. Either “Comrade Major” or “Svetlana Sergeevna”. Or, if the “comrade” is not satisfied with something, you can “Mrs. Svetlana”. And only on “you”, of course.

A: Um. OK, deal. (but the wandering smile remains)

S: We pass.

Artyom enters the door, Svetlana locks it behind him.

Svetlana turns her back to him, walks into the room (giving Artyom the opportunity to admire the view from behind), without turning around and with every movement denoting superiority and no doubt that he will follow her.

She sits down on a chair, imposingly throws her legs over her legs.

He has nowhere to sit, and she does not offer – he has to awkwardly stand opposite.

So, I have here a statement from a citizen in which she accuses you of rape. She says you cohabited, but you forced her to sex, including oral, and in every way humiliated and dominated her.

A: Well, this is our personal life, she lived with me, I did not blackmail her.

S: Who gave you the floor? I didn’t finish – so that I would no longer dare to open my mouth without a command.

A: Okay …

S: So, she accuses you that you ignored her desires, forced her to have sex regardless of her desires, and almost always forced you to obey, then give a blowjob and swallow, not caring about her satisfaction at all. She sets out many episodes on the basis of which she accuses you of rape. What do you say to that?

A: Well, what am I, I’m a normal man, women suck me, and I never agree to please them. She asked me once more and asked her to lick, she was completely foolish to ask a man about such.

S: So, do not deny your behavior. And her lawyer is powerful, and when I hear all this, my hands itch to put you behind bars. You got it.

A: Maybe we can agree? ..

Artem takes out 2000 and puts it on the table. Svetlana scornfully recounts, puts it in her pocket.

S: This is just the beginning of a conversation. And first I have to make sure that you haven’t thought of writing me to the recorder. Take off your clothes, put all your things over there, and stand straight.

A: What, naked straight?

S: Yes, yes, and livelier. Otherwise I’ll change my mind and from here you will go straight to the cell.

Artem undresses.

Svetlana looks at him for a long time, in her eyes her disdain.

Artyom stands in front of her, covers his groin.

S: You are accused of rape, and here you touch your dick. Should I accuse you of indecent behavior in front of a police officer ?!

A: Yes, I do not touch, I …

S: Silence! It doesn’t work well with you. Turn around and hands behind your back.

Artyom, taken aback, obeys.

Svetlana slowly gets up, comes up to him from behind, roughly takes his hands and fastens soft handcuffs on his wrists.

A: Are handcuffs required? ..

Svetlana, instead of answering, sharply pulls the handcuffs up, Artem leans forward.

S: Again you open your mouth without a command! On knees!

Artem obeys.

S: Turn around.

Artem, without getting up from his knees, turns around awkwardly.

S: You are daring all the time, and you also want to “negotiate” with me. Where are you, do you understand? With one stroke of the pen, I myself will accuse you of indecent behavior, and plus with the accusation of the victim, this will be the end for you. So, let’s be nice? And don’t expect to complain – these handcuffs won’t leave marks on you.

A (reluctantly): Yes, Mrs. Svetlana …

S: That’s right. Come on kiss my boots.

A: What ?!

Svetlana gives him a big slap in the face, then two more.

S: I don’t like to repeat it twice. Kiss your boots or the conversation is over.

Artyom obeys, goes down to the toes of his boots and kisses them reluctantly several times.

Svetlana leans over to her boot, spits on his toe.

S: Lick.

A: What ?! I won’t!

Svetlana roughly takes Artyom by the chin, squeezes his cheekbones so that he opens his mouth, spits right into his mouth.

S: Are you fucking right to download here ?! Do you want to negotiate with me or make me even more angry ?!

Artem, tormented by pain in his cheekbones, hums: “I want to agree.”

S: Until I see that you are capable of respecting and idolizing a woman, you will not come to an agreement with me.

Svetlana again spits on the same toe of her boot.

S: Lick!

Artyom obeys, licks the spit.

S: Good. Lie on your back.

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