In the police. Part 2

Artem obeys without question. From below he has a gorgeous view of her legs.

Svetlana approaches him from the side, lightly steps on his stomach with one foot in a boot, slightly kicks his erect penis.

Svetlana, sarcastically: “What, does someone like it?! …” Bends over, twitches a member several times, throws it away.

S: My legs are tired, will you massage? Or do you still have principles that only women should please you? ..

A: I have handcuffed hands – how can I do it? ..

With tongue.

Artyom is silent.

Svetlana abruptly gets up and steps with her boot on his stomach harder.

S: Either I stay in my boots and stand on you completely, or I take them off and you caress my feet with your tongue. What do you choose? ..

A: To be removed …

S: Louder! What you said?..

A: So that you take off your boots, and I caress your feet.

Svetlana leaves Artyom.

S: Then crawl after me. Without getting up.

Svetlana returns to the chair, sits down, takes off her boots, remaining in stockings.

Artyom crawls up to her, lies on his back at her feet.

S: What a fine fellow you are. Well lick it.

Svetlana puts his slightly sweaty feet covered with stockings on his face, Artyom reluctantly starts kissing them.

S: Well done. More active.

Svetlana bends down and takes Artyom’s penis in her hand, begins to very slowly lead along it with her hand up and down, at the same time pressing her foot more tightly to Artyom’s mouth, and then shoves it into his mouth.

S: Kiss, suck and lick.

Artyom, excited by her moderate caresses, kisses, licks and sucks his fingers.

C: Another leg.

Svetlana puts another leg on his face, continuing to lightly masturbate his penis. Artem continues silently. At some point, she presses too hard with the toe of her feet on his mouth, he coughs and freezes for a second – she abruptly moves her hand away from his penis.

A: Please, continue! ..

S: So you’re trying hard. Well, okay, only a bare leg is better. Doesn’t it bother you that she’s pretty? ..

At these words, she gently strokes his cock again.

A: Doesn’t bother …

S: What a fine fellow you are. But first I need to knead them – they are numb. I can walk barefoot on the floor, but then they will also be in the mud when you lick them. Any ideas?..

A: Walk for me, lady …

S: Oh, what a progress. Okay, if you ask …

Svetlana moves away from his penis with her hand to take off her stockings.

A: Don’t stop, I beg you …

S: Are you crazy or what? … Shut up. Oh, now we will shut you up, at the same time the stockings will become cleaner.

Svetlana takes off her stockings and stuffs one of them into his mouth, after which she gets up on him and begins to stomp, sometimes rubbing one foot over his penis roughly on it.

After a while, she sits down, takes the stocking out of his mouth and puts her foot on his mouth.

S: If you try, I’ll reward you a bit. May be.

A: I will.

S: “I will”, who?

A: I will, my lady.

S: What a clever girl. Come on, try.

Artem diligently licks and kisses her feet.

S: And between the little fingers.

Artyom begins to perform this too, Svetlana bends over and continues to caress his penis with her hand – sometimes interrupting, then continuing, so as not to bring Artyom too close to orgasm. From time to time she changes the foot in his mouth, sometimes she runs the sole of her foot over his face, preventing him from entering a rhythm for a long time.

This continues for several minutes.

At some point, Artyom, overexcited, twitches his pelvis towards her hand. Svetlana abruptly jerks her hand away and slaps him in the face.

S: Do you think I’ll let you finish here ?! Completely fucking ?!

Artyom, on a wave of simultaneous excitement and annoyance, grows bolder and grins:

A: In general, it would be nice …

Svetlana’s face changes.

S: Bitch, you’re going to regret it very much. We’ll have to educate you seriously. You wash my panties – and I’m at work all day, they need a wash!

Svetlana puts on her boots, gets up so that he cannot peep, and pulls off her white panties, bends over and presses them in the most fragrant place into his nose.

S: Opened my mouth!

A: I won’t!

S: Opened my mouth now!

Svetlana takes him by the hair, tries to open her mouth, holding his chin. Artyom resists.

S: Okay, I’ll remember that. But you will open your mouth for me.

Svetlana slowly runs her finger over his penis, then slowly begins to masturbate to him, waits until his body relaxes, then she stops abruptly.

A: Hey …

S: Open your mouth.

A: I won’t! So that I would take women’s panties into my mouth.

S: You, my dear, will take something else. Open up.

Artem shakes his head from side to side.

Svetlana starts playing with his cock again until he starts moaning.

S: If you don’t open your mouth right now, I will stop.

Artyom, exhausted, opens his mouth. She turns her panties inside out and stuffs it into his mouth.

S: Now erase them with your tongue. As long as I see that you are trying, I continue. Don’t you dare open your mouth.

Artem, unable to control himself, obeys.

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