In the police. Part 3

She continues to skillfully, keeping at a distance from orgasm, teasing him, haughtily looking into his eyes, and he with all his might shows how he tries to wash her panties with his tongue.

S: Okay, that’s enough for you. If you behave yourself, I will continue.

Takes the panties out of his mouth, puts them on the table next to him.

A: Madam Svetlana, I beg you! I agree to everything, just continue.

S: Okay, I didn’t pull you by the tongue. Come on, kneel down and lick my armpit. I don’t use deodorant, and during the day she sweated a lot.

Svetlana takes off her shirt, exposing her armpits. Artyom reluctantly rises to his knees and reluctantly approaches her armpit, gently kisses.

She twitches his cock abruptly several times.

S: Come on, stuck out his tongue and lick, there’s nothing to be careful about here.

Artyom begins to lick his armpit vigorously, she sometimes strokes his stomach, but does not touch the over-strained penis.

S: Second.

He obeys, continues. But after half a minute, his movements become monotonous, which makes her angry.

She abruptly takes him by the hair, throws him to the floor, he remains on his back.

S: What are you all, bitch, you are lazy! Okay, let’s continue our education.

She slowly gets up, walks over to his face, steps over his face, facing his feet.

His face is between the heels of her boots, he looks up at her beautiful legs, his gaze freezes on what is under her skirt. He swallows saliva.

S: What, do you want to lick?

A: Well, ready …

S: Oh, not so principled anymore. Well, I won’t let you get to my pussy, but you will lick my ass.

A: What ?! No way!

Svetlana slowly lowers her booty onto his face, kneels over him, but does not sit down.

S: Well, let’s start with kissing.

A: I agree …

Artem starts covering her buttocks with kisses.

S: Closer to the center.

Artyom kisses closer to the anus, but doesn’t touch him.

S: Now kiss there.

A: No way!

Svetlana sits down on his haunches over his face, takes him by the hair with her right hand so that he cannot wriggle out, and sits right on his mouth and nose, presses his face into her ass, then sits down with all her weight, continuing to hold the hair so that he could not wriggle out.

He hums, she laughs haughtily.

A: Stick out your tongue and lick your ass! Otherwise I won’t get up.

After a while, he ceases to have enough air. She waits a little, then gets up from his face

S: How stubborn. Well, okay, on their own it’s even better.

She kneels down with her booty to him and begins to caress his penis with one hand, and caress herself with the other – so that he sees everything, but could not reach her pussy.

From time to time she stops, then continues.

S: Well, how to continue?

A: Yes …

S: What are you ready for?

A: For a lot, but not for that …

S: Okay. Come on, tell me how gorgeous I am, looking at my ass.

A: You are the most beautiful … the most feminine … the most desirable … the most delightful …

As he mutters, she slowly continues to fondle him.

Then it pauses.

S: And what is my ass?

And he continues to play with his penis, keeping him close to the peak, but making sure that he does not reach him.

A: The most perfect … the slender … the most graceful … the most fragrant … the most delicious.

S: Oh, you see, the most delicious. Are you going to lick her?

A: Yes …

She, without ceasing to caress him, sits down with anus right on his mouth.

S: Well then, take out your tongue and lick it.

He kisses her anus, but his tongue does not reach.

S: The tongue stuck out!

He sticks out, but caresses only from the edge.

Svetlana stops, keeping her hand on his penis.

Should I stop? ..

Artem indignantly hums “no” under her booty.

Svetlana continues slowly, slowly.

S: Then I shoved it deeper immediately. Or I stop.

Artem continues to lick from the edge.

S: I put it right inside. If it’s not deep, I’ll get up and leave.

Artem does not obey.

S: Well, as you want …

She gets up, steps her boot on his stomach and sits down on a chair. He remains lying, then tries to get up.

S: Lie down !! One more movement – and I am arresting you, there will be no “agreement” – no respect can be taught to you.

Oh good.

Svetlana takes the papers and starts leafing through, not paying any attention to Artyom.

This continues for several minutes. At some point, she puts her feet in boots on him. He continues to lie motionless.

S: Well, give you another chance?

A: Yes, Mrs. Svetlana! ..

S: Beg me.

Artem pleads, calling her the most pretentious words.

S: Okay …

She stands over his face again, now squatting, her anus right over his tongue.

S: Well, prove that you deserve a chance. Now reach out to me yourself.

And again begins to touch his penis.

Artem obeys, reaches for her anus, sticks out his tongue, touches her priests from the inside.

S: Here, there. Fuck me with your tongue in the ass. This is the only way you, with your views on women, are worthy to fuck.

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