In the police. Part 4

She drops to her knees, sits on his face, continuing to masturbate. This time, he obediently licks her ass from the inside.

S: Try! Deeper! Or I will stop again.

Artem is trying his best.

This continues for some time, after which she stops, gets up.

S: Well then. You show promise. Would you like to enter my pussy? ..

Artyom nods in a daze, choking on the words of Madame Svetlana’s adoration.

S: Okay. But you have to pay for everything – agree?

A: I agree! Anything for the opportunity to enter you!

S: Will you swallow my urine?

A: What ?!

She bends down and takes his cock, then stands over his face, at the same time lifts her skirt and caresses her pussy. She looks at him haughtily:

S: I can’t piss you – traces will remain. But if you swallow everything in your mouth, everything is all right. So you wanna fuck me?

A: Yes … I do. Let’s.


A: I beg you, Mrs. Svetlana.

S: About what?

A: Pee …

S: Where?

A: In my mouth …

S: So in fact traces will remain.

A: I will swallow everything.

Svetlana sits over him, her pussy right above her mouth.

S: The mouth opened.

Doesn’t open.

She takes his cock, starts masturbating and orders him to open his mouth. He obeys.

She starts writing into his mouth, pauses.

S: Swallow.

There are pleas in Artyom’s eyes, but she is adamant. Twitches his cock again.

S: Swallow now.

Artem obeys.

This is repeated several times until she finishes. In the end, she deliberately pees more than he can swallow – some of the urine still remains on his face and on the floor.

S: What a pig …

A: Sorry, madam …

She takes her panties and wipes his face with them, then small puddles near him.

He takes a glass of water, gives it to him.

S: Drink, so be it.

He drinks.

S: Well, well, you didn’t keep your promise, you didn’t swallow some of it. How can I give you your panties to wash again? ..

A: Yes, please! Yes, madam, whatever you want to get into you.

She shoves her prescribed underpants right through his mouth.

S: But now I need you to wash everything well if you want to fuck me. Gag your mouth. I agree?..

Artyom hums in the affirmative.

S: Okay. Close your eyes then. No questions. Can you? If you open your eyes, nothing will happen.

Artyom closes his eyes and hums in the affirmative again.

A: She goes to the box, takes something, comes back, zips something on his head, gagging, and also something on the belt.

S: Open your eyes.

He sees that she did not put a gag on him, but a strap-on gag, and also put a strap-on on him right above his own cock.

S: You didn’t think that you would enter me with your sprout? ..

Artyom hums humiliatedly.

She slowly sits on the strap-on gag on his face, so that he can see what he lacks.

Begins to move slowly on it, then faster.

Then he bends down and simulates a blowjob with a strap-on on his belt, slightly touching his real penis with hair, crimson from overexertion.

After a few minutes, she slowly gets up and transplanted onto a strap on his belt, his penis rests on her lower back, she begins to move, looking contemptuously into his eyes.

S: Well, licking and urine swallowing, it was worth it, eh? Why are you keeping silent? Ah, you enjoy the taste there …

She gets off him, bends over and spits in his eyes.

S: What, do you understand now, how does your women feel when your desires were ignored? ..

He nods.

S: What, you want to finish yourself?

He nods again.

S: Well then, try. Let’s see, maybe I’ll have mercy …

She lies down on the couch, exposing her pussy.

S: Come on, get on your knees and fuck my face.

He obeys, tries to fuck her.

She turns her booty over to him, orders him to fuck further. When he does this, his nose goes between the halves of her butt.

S: Freeze inside.

He obeys, his nose remains in her ass. She waits for a few seconds.

S: Do you like everything?

He hums in the affirmative.

S: Good. Now come on like a grown boy.

He points to the strapped member on his belt.

He obeys and continues to enter her with a strapon on his belt. Sometimes she teases him a little by touching a real member.

She changes positions, then stops.

S: Well, lie down.

He lies down on his back.

She unfastens his strap-on gag, takes out his panties, disgustedly shoves them back into him.

S: Come on, continue to wash, now on your own. Do you want?

He nods.

She sits on his lower strap-on, pulls her hand back and begins to masturbate him. Now it’s not easy and teasing, but real. Ten seconds later, he cums powerfully, she lets him finish fully, to the end moving her hand along his penis.

Disgustedly wipes his cum on his belly.

S: Okay, the lesson is over. I will not stop the case for now, but I will not let it go any further. If you come again, we will continue …

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