Journey to a Chinese temple. Part 2

There was a table where we had a little snack. It was already late evening, and the dense twilight on the street was decorated with an orange strip of sky somewhere on the border with the forests in the distance. We got up from the table to take a bath after a long journey, and I realized that I did not want to leave her alone. I want to see her naked and be naked myself. I looked at her and suddenly for me saw a completely different woman in front of me. She was about 35 years old, the glow of the candles left a bronze tint on her black hair just below her shoulders, but her face and her forms were somewhat more rounded. Small wrinkles betrayed age, but, nevertheless, they themselves were as beautiful and graceful as she was. I looked into her eyes, determined to stay. Her gaze was somewhat timid, but she didn’t pull away. I took off my robe and stripped myself to the waist. She looked me in the eye and, too, pulled off a long knitted dress with a large neckline, like a sweater. Underneath, she was completely naked. Her tan shimmered like bronze in the glow of this room. The small breasts were very neat and beautiful, and I just wanted to grab the small nipples with my teeth.

I wanted to stroke my rounded hips with my palms and most of all I was eager to touch her. I felt my erection, took off my pants and walked over to her. We touched bodies and at last I could feel her with all my skin. My penis rested somewhere in her pubis and she squeezed it between her thighs. I kissed her passionately, stroking my whole body with my hands. I could feel her legs, back, then slightly gave up on her so that my fingers could touch her face, nose, lips, hair. Of course, I did not pass by the elastic buttocks, squeezing them with my palms. At these moments, I wanted to plunge into her, as hunters pierced their victims with a spear. I wanted her madly and felt that she was already wet from the bottom. I picked her up and dragged her into the hot tub I had prepared for us. It was a huge, rectangular bath, lined with large stone slabs. Steam was coming from her. She went into the bath, I followed her. The water warmed us up a little. She invigorated the body and made the blood circulate even stronger, and the heart – beat even faster. The bathtub looked like a small pool and we stood in the deepest part of it, submerged up to the neck, hugging and caressing each other.

I began to push it towards the shallower part of the bath and when we came out of the water about waist-deep, I turned it around and pushed it to the edge. She did not resist and pliantly rested her hands on the edge of the bathtub, slightly arching her back. I was ready to tear it apart from the inside. Approaching her, I ran my palms over her body and back several times, enjoying the beauty of her body and the sweetness of her touch. Then he put his hands on her chest. She was soft, and the nipples were swollen and I twisted them slightly with my fingers. Then I pressed against her completely and my hand slid to the clitoris. I loved watching her wriggle in pleasure from my hands. With my other hand, I brought my penis to her vagina. How soft and moist she was! Upon entering it, I felt insane pleasure! Drive like getting kicked down in a cool sports car. At first, I moved completely against her. I was like a dragon wrapped around her, caressing my hands and touching with my whole body. Sometimes I nibbled on her neck and shoulders. Then I wanted sharper movements, so that I felt penetration more intensely. I even wanted to feel some pain from friction inside her. I put my hands on her lower back and began to pull her over me. Maybe my grip was a little squeezing on her legs, but we both enjoyed it. She began to caress herself from below with one hand. I saw her body throbbing and tightening, how the muscles of her back and arms move.

She then eagerly inhaled the air, then slightly held her breath. Her hand, with which she rested on the wall of the bathroom, squeezed more and more, and finally felt with his penis how the walls of her vagina relaxed, the hand that caressed itself too. I hesitated a little with the movements and snuggled closer to her. Of course I really wanted to continue, but such moments of pleasure are beautiful in themselves. I kissed her shoulder blades, shoulders, neck and caressed both breasts with my hands. Then I started to move slightly again. Her vagina was so wet that I felt less friction. I inserted as deep as I could, she arched and froze slightly and I began to push her out of the bathroom. She started to get out and my cock came out of her, pulling with it a long strip of mucus stuck to my leg. We again stood opposite each other and kissed, then I began to go down and slightly nibbled her hard nipples, caressing her back, legs and buttocks with my hands. Then I began to run my tongue from the top of the pubis to the navel, inhaling the smell of her skin. Slightly licking the clitoris and feeling the inviting smell of the vagina, I got up, grabbed it and pulled it towards the couch.

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