Journey to a Chinese temple. Part 3

There were no classic beds in the temple, but just mattresses on the floor. Approaching him, I threw it there. She was waiting for me there. I sat down on the mattress beside her. A thick web of lubricant hung from my erect penis. She looked at him with a smile and desire. I told her that I want her. And he began to lean towards the pubis. As I ran my tongue from the navel to the clitoris, I felt how she grabbed my cock with her mouth. I took her by the hips and turned her sharply so that she was on top, and my head was between her legs. So I could see her vagina, anus, buttocks, legs. She did not come off my penis and sucked it slowly moving her hand along the trunk. It was incredibly nice! I felt her palate with my head, and how nice it was to feel her lips gently hiding her teeth. I relaxed my lower body, grabbed my buttocks with my palms and began to greedily lick the clitoris, sucking it lightly. My nose and cheeks quickly became wet with my own saliva and the lubricant coming out of my vagina.

She continued to dynamically suck my penis, and I licked my finger in order to enter her. Entering her anus with a finger, I continued to lick her greedily. Having relaxed my tongue, I began to make head movements so that my teeth rubbed the frenum of my tongue. How divine it is when you get both pain and pleasure at the same time! So I noticed that she began to move less intensely and I realized that she would soon finish. I myself began to move more intensively, pushing more and more saliva from my mouth and trying to penetrate deeper with my finger. I felt how she pressed against me and pressed on me with her body, and then slightly removed, so that I was a little more gentle with her. Finally, she threw her head back a little, grabbing my leg with her hand. With her other hand, she continued to hold my cock. After a couple of moments of tension, her body relaxed. I hugged her with both hands and occasionally lightly touched her clitoris with my tongue. Her hair lay on my legs and I felt this divine relaxation and trembling of her body. We lay there for some time in absolute silence. And so she again took my penis into her mouth and began to dynamically suck the head, squeezing the trunk more tightly. The light blows of her palm on my pubis echoed in waves all over my body.

I tightened my cock and it was as hard as steel. Squeezing her buttocks with my palms, I began to lick her again there, pressing her closer to me. The blows of the palm were felt more and more clearly, and her mouth seemed to me the gateway to that very paradise, into which mankind so fiercely wants to get. The wave began to cover me and I wanted to pour all myself into it without a trace. Several movements of the head and hands and I felt the wildest pleasure! The first injection … the second … the third … I felt every drop from the beginning of the barrel to the exit from the head. I pressed her hands to me more and more, straining all the muscles of the body. The stuffing ended and I felt this bliss in her mouth. She stopped moving her head, but continued to move her hand slightly, and I felt how small drops still pass along the trunk and rise upward. My body was all twitching from these movements of semen. Finally she lifted her head and swallowed whatever I had thrown into her.

I felt incredible relaxation. She turned to me and lay on my shoulder. I felt her hair on my chest. They were tangled and disheveled, I could smell them and stroked her back with my fingers. We kissed tenderly several times, and she seemed to draw something with her index finger on my chest. The reflections of the flame of candles flickered magically on the walls, and the space around it seemed somehow different. It was as if our ears were blocked and we were in a kind of vacuum. This space was for us – it was ours – everything around. The warmth of her body seemed so close and intimate that I could hardly imagine what could be otherwise. And the tenderness that came from her was truly magical and alive. I felt life in both of us and it was divine!

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