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Just know how it happens. You have a desire. You know what you want. Here I want my female. Slave. You whine. Bitch. Call it whatever you like. The one who will be there. Is always. The one who will do absolutely everything I say. And it will go to her. I need someone who wants to be with me. As I am. With everything good and bad. And everything will be exactly for her. For her, only I will exist. And she will enjoy it. Enjoy. I need one who will come to my work at any time on the first call and do a blowjob. And then I will lift her skirt and open it roughly to enter it, and she will only get more excited. With one hand I will clamp her mouth to keep silent, and with the other squeeze her breasts. I will push her with all my might, trying to finish as quickly as possible. And still we will come to the finish line together. After catching my breath, I will pull out my friend, and she will lick him dry.

Then I will hug her. And we’ll be fine. But you have to work. So I will help her put herself in order and let her go. And I will continue to work. And during walks, at any time I can take her to a secluded (or not so) corner and there my hands will begin to walk over her body. Crumple and caress her breasts. Sink lower. Stomach. Waist. Hips and here are my hands in her bosom. I can feel her arousal. How wet everything is between your legs. I can directly feel the lubricant dripping down her thighs. Her hands have long pulled my excited friend, and her lips dig into mine during the kiss. I shake it against the wall and gently and slowly begin to enter it. It’s hot and humid in her womb. Every move I make echoes her faint moan. And now, pressing it against the wall, I enter it completely. Her arms wrap around her neck, and mine are on her bottom. Her legs are on my thighs, and her lush boobs rest against my chest. I feel it with every cell of my body. Her excitement, desire, pleasure. Our lips dance into kisses.

I start moving slowly to begin with. Rub everything except the two of us and our pleasure. And orgasm becomes the peak. It takes time to catch your breath. After a while, I lower her to the ground. After we put ourselves in order, we move on. You can be yourself. Is always. Do what you want. To trust each other. Everywhere. Is always. Come up. Hug. Enjoy the closeness. She is in the shower. After work. The door is open. I calmly enter and start swimming with her. After all the procedures, I just hug her from behind, and we stand and enjoy the jets of water that flow down our bodies. And then embracing in bed, and we fall asleep under one blanket. Wake up in the morning from her caresses. Feel her lips fluttering, bringing my friend to full combat readiness. How her hands gently slide over my thighs. In a half-asleep, but excited state, pull her to him and bite into her sweet lips. Feel skin contact. Having hugged to roll over and being on top, slowly enter it and so freeze, pressing into it as much as possible. Enjoy it. And only after a barely discernible “I want you” begin to move slowly slowly.

Breathe into each other’s neck and moan. I wake up gradually. Slowly and steadily move in it and feel how pleasure increases. How desire ignites and stimulates organisms. Hear her moans from your every push. Feel her vaginal muscles contract in orgasm. HER legs wrap around your hips, and her hands rest on your shoulders. You have already completely stopped entering it as deep as possible. You feel her uterus with your head. Pulsing and hot. After lying down for a while, you get up. You need to rush off, get dressed, have breakfast. Already before going out, you can’t stand it. I never finished in the morning. Therefore, you press her against the wall, lift her skirt, run your hand along her vagina and scoop up a little lubricant, start massaging her anus, and then you abruptly enter her, pressing her against the wall. HER scream breaks the silence, but you start moving with great speed. Here she begins to moan louder and louder and here he is. You finish. Having caught your breath, you take the butt plug from the bedside table and after leaving it insert the plug into the place of your friend.

Both of you are disheveled, so quickly put yourself in order and scatter to work. All day after that, she sends you erotic and not only pictures of herself. Warming up. Teasing. From which you are constantly excited. And in the evening from the doorway she rushes at you. In a few minutes she is already on the nightstands with her bare bottom, and you madly hammer her under the groans. Then you take her in your arms and carry her to the bathroom. There you take out the plug and give it an enema. While she is busy in the toilet, you climb into the shower and begin to bask under the warm streams of water. Fatigue gradually recedes. And now you feel good and at this time you feel the gentle touches of her hands from behind. They walk over your shoulders, back, chest, hips. Finally go down below and there they are already on your dignity. Massage it giving you pleasure. Then her gentle hands turn you to face her and her mouth joins the caresses. Her lips and tongue work wonders and now you are pressing her and spewing your seed into her mouth. Swallows. All. Until a drop.

Catching your breath, you notice how her hand walks between her legs. His eyes are rolled back and a groan escapes his lips. Squatting with one hand, you begin to help. Your fingers massage her clitoris and then penetrate her vagina. Gradually adding fingers. And now she is already sitting on your brush. Meanwhile, your tongues have already intertwined in a kiss. You enjoy each other. And then a violent orgasm. And then you just sit hugging underwater. After a while you go to bed. And tomorrow there will be a new day and new impressions. And you will be ready for anything to be near. And most importantly, you like it. I like ya real. With all the pros and cons. Desires and fears. Thoughts and ideas. Opportunities and challenges. And I like you all. Gentle, strong, kind, unique and so dear. My. And only mine.

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