Ladies without pure alcohol

It was getting dark. Nastya was exhausted by the last exam. Sleep. Sleep and … Nothing else! The head touched the creased pillow. Phone ring. A special melody. Eastern. Predatory and alluring, just like the one that caused it.

  • Rita, what? I am sleeping!
  • Congratulations on your graduation from school! I would like to see you, and I also want a beer.
  • Cooler as always or Klinskoe?
  • Come on Cooler, don’t forget the check.
    Beeps. Eh, this Rita … And Nastya cannot refuse her. A yawn, a slight, stringy headache, but now Nastya in leather shorts and a sweatshirt with a cherished weave is galloping towards her star. And the star is waiting for her. They are friends, although they communicate almost 24 hours a day. Nastya bowed her head, smiled to herself in the store line – let it be; let this pain again! Although, what kind of pain? After all, tonight Nastya and Rita will be together. Rita is older. Rita is 12 years older, sometimes it seems like forever. Rita is a lady with fiery curly hair, and at the same time, she has the heavenly color of huge surprised eyes. From the look of these eyes, Nastya always blown away.

Doorbell. The door was opened. Rita squeezed Nastya in her arms of joy, uncorked the bottles. The smell of new cigarettes filled the room. Well, the old, rotten smell of nicotine washed over Nastya, as soon as she crossed the threshold of the room.

The room is a hangout. The owner is a witch whore. Favorite witch. Favorite whore. An extraordinary person.
Hour by hour … In alcohol, time flies quickly, under the grass, they say, creeps. Nastya did not notice how it got dark outside the window, the sleeping area was dimly lit by two lamps and it was time to go to bed. She did not feel either time or space at all, only the presence of Rita tormented her, excited her. Nastya was so disgusted by this depraved body in black thongs and a white men’s shirt.

  • Do I have a beautiful ass?
  • Yes, Nastya. Oh, what cool panties you have …
    Briefs-shorts with trendy leopard patterns.

Bed. Not for the first time, but before that everything was without sex, like a sister. Rita’s hand fell on Nastya’s chest. The hand patted one, then the other … And the kiss – frantic, hot! Nastya stood up, hoping to again rip the kiss from Rita’s lips.

Oh, how Rita kisses! How her merciless tongue fucks her mouth! But with a strong movement of Rita’s hand, Nastya was knocked over on her back. Rita’s hand continued on its way through Nastya’s young body. I found a kunka … Massage, massage this little vagina, her trembling clitoris, this frantic hand began.
Ah, sighs. T-shirt ripped off. Nastya nude. Rita had just managed to yield to the caresses of Nastya and opened her magnificent breasts. And then Rita started fucking Nastya with two fingers. Pressed. Here it is, this little hole … Feelings? … Fantastic sensations! And those fueled by alcohol are simply heavenly!

But, Nastin’s rhetorical question: “Are we together now?” And Lena turns away, sobbing, resentful that the nasty schoolgirl does not give just like that, and whispering the sacramental: “You’re a fool.”

The romantic evening is over.

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