Lady’s wish

How long have I felt those awesome feelings that new meetings with new acquaintances give. Especially when these meetings are filled with perversions. Just like this time.
I have already been on a business trip in this city for a week. The work is overwhelmed, you barely have time, or even not at all. And business trip money, as usual, comes to an end much earlier than the company sends out the following. In general, the society of women had to prefer the society of porn actors and their own hands.
But then, one evening, I decided that I needed to diversify the bitch with memories of the beautiful and funny cases of my bisexual and frankly peredarstic connections of the recent past. And for this I went to one of the cuckold swing sites. After jerking off on photos and ads, I found a city where I had been vegetating for a week. And I did not leave several couples from this city. And in the end, I settled on one.

Close in age. Very frank, which somehow by itself manifested itself from the usual, in general, announcements. The woman in the body. Actually, I like any female body – thin and fat, boobed and almost boyish, tall and very small. As well as the female organ – I adore both small tight holes and broken-down “messenger bags”. But most of all I absolutely adore the clits. And the more he is, the more sensual he is, the more I am in love with him. And in order to lick and suck this wonderful female organ for five, ten, fifteen minutes, I am ready to suck her husband off with a deepthroat.
Everything is normal here. And yet, attractive. After finishing the rest of the whiskey, I closed my eyes in fantasy.

We are sitting at my house. We drank to our acquaintance, relaxed a bit. Of course, we won’t get straight to wild sex. Moreover, we still do not quite know what each of us wants from a partner. Rather, I don’t know what they want from me, and they don’t know what I want. Yes, to admit, I myself have not yet decided what I want. And then cards come to the rescue. I realized long ago that this is the surest remedy for relaxedness and further sexual intoxication. I propose to play the “meek fool”. This is when you play only with those six cards that you received during the distribution, without buying. Here are the rules: every defeat is minus one item from the wardrobe. We play until we completely strip. And so, until one winner is determined. Each loser is given another opportunity to win back – three times. Two defeats of a naked man mean his complete loss. The loser is now obliged to obey the winners without complaint. The second loser has the right to three wishes, which can order the first completely loser. At the same time, the losers must immediately after their defeat determine the boundaries of their slavery (which is already there, let’s call a spade a spade). Well, I also add a time frame – an hour and a half after the end of the game.

In general, the guests agree to my proposal. The card goes with varying success. Gradually, we are exposed. It so happened that I find myself naked before the others. And two times in a row that I can win back, the card does not suit me at all. In short, I am the first slave. Sadly, this is a game and the rules cannot be avoided. Who will win? Who will we have today – master or mistress? I mark the boundaries – only in the apartment, without any video – and photography (at least with my image), and without anal penetration in my direction. And, of course, without any self-harm, hair cutting and other absurdities.
Kneeling, hands behind my back, watching the game. The winner is … the lady is the winner. Her husband tries to recoup, but in the end he becomes next to me. The situation starts to turn me on. Our mistress wants to see how her servants love each other and tells us to kiss. Her husband and I, and my fellow slave, put our lips to each other’s lips. From this one touch, my stake rushes up. Tickling the lips of a man with my mustache, I gently touch his chubby lips, lick once or twice his neck, a whole collarbone. I can’t take my eyes off his bolt up. Itself is about to explode from overvoltage. A sense of humiliation and a mocking look of the lady adds piquancy. And then she tells her husband to suck me off. But as soon as his lips touch the head of my penis, I can no longer stand it and erupt. Right on his face.

The laughter of the lady. And her promise to punish me. And then her husband decided to use his right to desire. He gets up and inserts his cock into my mouth, immediately pushing it against my throat. Yes, I am aware of my guilt. And to redeem her, I work my head and mouth as much as I can – I suck, swallow, rub my hand. Aside, the mocking comments of the lady assessing how many points I get …
The mistress’s hand takes me by the hair and tears her husband away from the blowjob. The next item is the clitoris. I’m just happy. My tongue, my lips, all of me surrender to this miracle. I suck and tickle with my tongue, taking short breaks to lick her shameless lips or penetrate her tongue inside. Sometimes it tickles closer to the anus. But every time he returns to this wonderful little bump, which one of my old girlfriend called her “cock” (she had a really gigantic, two and a half centimeters, clitoris, outwardly poured dick, from one touch to which the girl was ready to explode). ..

And so it was an hour and a half. Or more … We please the lady together with her husband. She pleases us. He and I give each other a blowjob and jerk off a friend, and both lick her clitoris, her anus, caress her whole body. And she – manages to suck us at once and in turn. The room was saturated with the smell of debauchery. And in the end we get tired, falling in powerlessness … In the mouth, the aftertaste of sex is a mix of tastes of semen and female secretion, fatigue and relaxation …

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