Last wish

Yegorych did not like the New Year. In his long life, he never got a family; fellow soldiers left this world, leaving him alone. He himself walked a little after a heart attack. Therefore, when the doorbell rang in the evening, he did not want to get up from the couch for a long time. In the morning, he measured his blood pressure, grunt a brandy for lunch, thus spending the old year, and now lay down to watch TV.

Someone held the bell and did not let go. Annoyed shuffling with his slippers, Yegorych trudged off to open the door.

On the threshold in front of him stood the Snow Maiden – a charming young creature with a chiseled figure, golden curls, an angelic face and a playful look of brown laughing eyes.

  • I did not call, – Yegorych indifferently looked at the girl’s bold outfit. She was wearing a short, fitted fur coat, barely covering the shame, a fur hat and high boots. The entire suit was adorned with white fur ruffles and shimmered with a silvery turquoise tint.
  • This is a gift! – wagging her hips, the girl took two steps forward, and Yegorych embarrassedly retreated, allowing her to enter.
  • Where is Santa Claus? – he closed the door behind her.

The Snow Maiden burst into vulgar laughter.

  • And you, dad, do not miss! – she took off her shoes and, wagging her back, went into the hall. – I like them.

A pitiful sight awaited her there. In the middle of the room, a murdered sofa bed with no legs or backs was spread out on the bare floor. A greasy, dirty-colored blanket half slid, revealing a faded spot in the center. An old tube TV glowed in the corner. A ragged book-table propped up a rickety cabinet sideways. Piles of yellowed newspapers and books were scattered everywhere. Rags that looked like clothes lay on the closet, under the closet, and even on the windowsill.

“Poverty is not a vice,” she thought, sadly looking at the squalid environment. – We must please the old man.

With one sharp movement, she unbuttoned her zipper and took off her fur coat, presenting herself in front of Yegorych in panties and a bust of red silk.

  • What will be your wishes? She flapped her eyelashes innocently, smiling at the landlord.

He towered before her in a gray terry robe and worn-out slippers. All gray, with bald patches, beard and mustache. On the nose are glasses with thick lenses in massive frames. Wide black eyes followed her closely. Not a muscle in his face wavered since she walked in. His huge belly hung from the waist down, barely fitting into the folds of his robe.

“Braid your braids, granddaughter,” he muttered in a hoarse voice.
• • •
She sat him down on the sofa, pulled out a scrotum forward, like a sticky hairy carton of milk, and, sideways thrusting her head under the warm pulsating vault, slowly sucked into her mouth a tender, smooth pebble plum, the size of a chicken egg, with a fold in the middle.

He was breathing heavily and was in no hurry to get excited. It took about ten minutes before his cock began to take on a firm outline. Then she pushed her grandfather on his back and, deftly rolling the condom along the shaft of his penis, jumped onto the sofa and squatted behind her stomach.

Leaning back with her whole body, she put her hands on the sofa and began to greedily fuck the client, gradually accelerating the pace. Now she, not holding back, moaned loudly. She always did this so as not to think about the client. Closing her eyes and touching him only with a causal place, she had sex not with a decrepit toothless grandfather, but with a hot macho, her Master.

At that moment, the client grabbed her ass and she woke up. His middle finger pressed a nail into her anus.

  • Can? He croaked.

She stared at the old man in surprise. Between them, the dome of the belly rose measuredly.

“Today you can,” she purred back.
• • •
He pulled her slender body into line, before that she carefully smeared her bony ass. Sitting behind her and straightening his shoulders, he sighed deeply, took aim at the pale pink star – it hospitably expanded – and, falling down, lay flat on the sofa with all its mascara.

She bent over with a sprat, screeched under him, but said nothing. His scrotum stuck to a warm, smashed melon. He peeled off the heavy eggs and hit the melon again.

  • Do you think, Lenka, I did not recognize you ?! – He wheezed in her ear, grabbing the pigtails and pulling with all his might. The skin on her face pulled up to her ears. His saliva hung and stuck to her cheek.
  • Hey, take it easy, dad! She yelled.

But he no longer noticed these cries. He fucked her as much as possible, not paying attention to the ever-increasing chest pain. There was a fog in his head and the spring of 1942, when one young nurse started an affair with the staff officer while everyone thought he was dead.
• • •
“How does he know my name?” – flashed in Lenka’s head. Her anus was well developed, but her grandfather got so excited that she regretted agreeing. Then, as luck would have it, the phone in my purse began to vibrate.

The grandfather wheezed, his breathing became ragged. Suddenly a member in her ass twitched in time with the phone. She felt the sluggish sperm pumping inside. Grandfather shuddered for the last time and froze, falling on her.

She quietly reached out and took the phone out of her purse.

  • Where do you go, scum? – the Lord shouted at her. – The client from 42nd calls me for the third time.

“42nd, 42nd”, – Lenka frantically tried to remember at what moment she was impatient to go to 24th.

The cooling sticky body of her grandfather, like jelly, wrapped her from all sides. A dead snake slipped out of the hot, broken ass and smiled sadly with a purple ball instead of an eye.

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