Lecherous maid

Dasha tightly squeezed the penis and moved his foreskin up and down, so that it slid tickling the head. Although she didn’t really like masturbating to her lord, she was just a servant and had no choice. Looking out the window, distracted from the monotonous occupation, she already wanted her lord to reach the peak faster and send her out of his chambers. The member in her hand began to harden, and the young lord began to fidget a little in front of her on the bed, and his breathing became rapid, which meant that the orgasm was already close. After a few seconds, the lord let out a low groan and began to cum. Sperm shot out of the penis, the first volley stained the towel that was lying on the lord’s stomach, the second and third were less strong and all the liquid was glass on Dasha’s hand. The semen was so warm and thick that for some reason she even liked the way she touched her hand this time. The erection began to fall off and Dasha hastened to wipe all traces of her work with a towel. The lord said that she did well and could go.

Dasha left the Lord’s room and went to the kitchen to leave the towel in the wash and might find her patron, the local chef. It was necessary to prepare for a chance meeting with him. Daria stopped at the entrance to the kitchen, looked around, climbed under her skirt and took off her panties with a quick movement. As she put the towel in the laundry basket, she felt a strong hug from behind. This was her patron, yes, he was much older than Dasha and not very handsome, but he was the main chef of this estate. This gave her many privileges, and in return she was required to render services to him with her body, more precisely, the cooks were interested in her holes, but Dasha generally rarely received much satisfaction from sex with other people, the cook at least gave something in return. He turned her to him and his hand was almost instantly between her legs. Surprised that he found there an already bare vagina, the cook smiled.

  • Dear, I have little time, the lord strained with work. – Dasha lied, making the most innocent tone.

“I want you so much that it won’t take us long. – answered the cook and began to unbutton his pants.

  • Okay, but let’s really not be long.

Today Dasha wanted to get rid of the cook as soon as possible, and the best way was to force events herself. Therefore, she lifted her skirt revealing all the beauty of her vagina and lay down on her back on the table, immediately spreading her legs wide apart. Seeing that the cook was already standing opposite her with a standing member in her hands, she beckoned him with her hand offering to enter her, which he immediately did, casually spitting in his palm and carelessly smearing the gentle girlish lips. A member of the cook began to move inside Dasha, she had long understood that men like to see how their work as a member brings results and Dasha began to moan showing how good she was. In fact, she just felt a little pleasant friction, but this is not surprising, men could rarely make her experience anything stronger than this, but her patron does not need to know this.

In the end, he helped her, got food in excess of the ration required for the servants, he had the right to get a sensual mistress who experiences heavenly pleasures with him, even if it was just a game. It looked like the chef was very excited or Dasha played her role better than ever today, but very soon the chef’s movements began to lose rhythm and he himself began to howl. Dasha was distracted from her moans and reminded him not to cum inside her. The cook hastily pulled out a member and turning sideways to her jerk off splashing drops of sperm on the wall. Dasha never understood why he always tried to turn his back on her at such moments, but today, due to the fact that he coped so quickly and handed her a large piece of cheese in the morning, she decided to please him a little more than usual. Jumping off the table knelt in front of him. The cook did not expect such zeal from her and said:

  • You need to hurry
  • It is necessary. But I have one more minute, do you want to suck him this minute?

The cook didn’t mind. Dasha took the already fallen member, pulled the skin down, exposing the head and put it in her mouth. The taste of semen was disagreeable to her, but she quickly began to move her head so that the rest of the semen mixed with saliva. The member began to harden again and she accelerated. The cook groaned:

  • I’ll finish soon!

Dasha released the penis from her mouth and began to jerk off quickly, pointing it to the wall where the last portion of sperm was already draining. There was only one push, the member jerked, the cook’s legs gave way for a moment, but he straightened.

Finally she walked into her modest chambers with the feeling that she had done all her duties and now she could relax herself. Dasha really rarely enjoyed sex with a partner, but she always got it from sex with herself. Sitting comfortably in her bed, naked Dasha spread her legs, began to drive her hands along the inside of her thighs. The blood began to pour in her labia, the clitoris increased, from excitement Dasha issued a groan, this time not feigned. Dasha twisted in her thoughts the Lord’s penis, the sensation of warm semen on her hand, the smell of flowers in the garden. Hands never touched her crotch. The excitement was already at the maximum, the clitoris asked to draw attention to itself, the vagina oozed with lubricant. Dasha touched the clitoris, experiencing a blow of bliss and began to masturbate. Dexterous fingers gently rubbed the head of the clitoris. Dasha whispered gentle words that her former lover once said to her for a long time. The result was not long in coming, she began to feel a pleasant wave rolling in the head of the clitoris. The pleasure was getting stronger, Dasha understood that it was going to orgasm.

She stopped abruptly, although it was worth a strong-willed effort and began to slightly pull her pussy lips, which did not seem to tremble much, as a result, the orgasm receded. After waiting, Dasha again began to massage the clitoris, and again began to roll over the foreplay of orgasm. Dasha believed that she deserved to postpone the end of her action a couple of times, just a few times. Completely satisfied with the intermediate sensations, she decided not to stop anymore. The warmth was growing, Dasha accelerated the rhythm, it seemed that the whole clitoris was already sending rays of bliss and then she fell into a sea of ​​pleasure starting to finish. The orgasm was pulsating, orgasmic spasms, it seemed that the whole world is the head of the clitoris and the orgasm that comes in waves from it. Her vagina contracted with each wave giving even more bliss, her lips were like wings that carried her to heaven. A faint moan escaped, after several spasms of orgasm they stopped and Dasha dropped her hands exhausted, returning to her normal state. She finished …

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