Lecherous vacation. Part 1

My wife and I wanted to spend a week in nature, take a break from the city traffic and decided to go to the country house. Spend the first three days alone: ​​sunbathe in the afternoon and swim on the lake, and in the evening sip wine while looking at the fire in the fireplace, well, of course, indulge in love around the clock, and on the other days friends were to come.

Both prepared for the trip thoroughly, I bought various lubricating gels from the sex shop, one large flesh-colored vibrator and two small anal plugs in order to please my beloved.

And my wife was a regular customer at the for-lady lingerie online store. su, she already had decent bonuses there. Therefore, the courier brought as many as three packages of different erotic lingerie. But my wife quickly hid everything from me and said that it would be a surprise.

In general, the day of departure came, we threw our things into the car, sat down and drove off. But we didn’t drive long, we were in traffic jams for a long time. They chatted about all sorts of nonsense, listened to the radio, but when in one place on the road we stood motionless for 20 minutes, I decided to pester my wife. Moreover, she was wearing a very short black dress with a large cutout on the chest, bought in my opinion in the same online store. The windows were tinted, it was already dark outside, and the traffic jam was not going to dissolve.

I turned on the louder lounge and began to pester her, one hand buried in her black curly hair, the other walked along her thigh, creeping higher and higher towards the goal. Our lips merged in a passionate kiss, I bared and squeezed her elastic beautiful breasts with my left hand, her hand began to stroke through my jeans my penis, already ready for battle. I moved my hand to her panties, pulled the thin strip aside and … mm … she’s all wet, my fingers easily entered her. Natasha issued a loud moan, then another and another, she moaned more often and louder, as I amplified and worked in her pussy with my fingers to the fullest.

She finished violently, looked at me with her predatory gaze, jumped onto a chair on her knees and began to pull my penis to freedom. Twenty centimeters of flesh rested its head on her lips, Natasha ran her tongue over the head and immediately swallowed the entire penis. Yes, my wife knows how to do a blow job and most of all I like what she loves. And so she sits down on him with her mouth, her plump lips tighten the trunk and slide over it, her tongue treats the head of the penis, how great she sucks! I didn’t wait long and finished profusely in her mouth.

Moving slightly away from the dizzying orgasm, we continued our attempt to get to the dacha. And we arrived there only at night, tired of the road, threw our things, washed and went to bed.

We spent the next three days great! The high fence allowed my wife to sunbathe naked, and not only sunbathe, we had sex right on the lawn. Now Natasha teased me, spread her legs and caressed herself, then I came up to her from behind when she was lying on her back and quickly introduced the already oiled penis into her pussy or into her ass. We went once to swim on the lake, but the matter was only swimming, as there were a lot of people with children. More than one evening did not end without sex on the floor near the fireplace. My wife wore different erotic outfits every evening, bought by her in the online store, I used the vibrator and plugs I bought. In general, we had a great rest these three days, enjoying each other’s company, until friends arrived …

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