Lecherous vacation. Part 2

Five of them came, three guys and two girls, our mutual friends. Having dragged food and drink into the house, we divided into companies, friends Katya and Yana and my wife Natasha, and I with the guys Kolya, Vadim and Sasha. Friends were at our dacha for the first time, so after a little sightseeing we went to cook meat while drinking beer, and the girls laid the table.

Perhaps I will skip this uninteresting part and get down to business. We ate, drank, smoked, and settled down with alcohol on the lawn. All were merry tipsy, chatting and laughing. The girls were all very sexy, each with a deep cutout on the chest and a long dress for rounded ass. We did not take our eyes off our beauties. Natasha and Yana said that they needed to go to the toilet and went into the house, we continued to sit and chat. Then I noticed that Vadim’s hand stroked Katya’s thighs, and I suddenly wanted to find and quickly fuck my wife.

Leaving the guys, I went into the house, went through the living room and saw my wife kneeling and licking Yana’s pussy, while she leaning back on her back squeezes her breasts with both hands and moans with pleasure. Finally! This is what I was waiting for. My wife and I have already tried swing and group sex, but the last time was a long time ago and really wanted to repeat it. And here is my wife in a mega sexy bodysuit, with pleasure licking her friend’s pussy.

I took out my penis, already standing in full length, approached her from behind and entered the pussy of my beloved. They both looked at me, smiled, and went back to their business. I held Natasha’s ass with both hands and fucked her to the fullest, from this she began to lick her friend even faster, helping herself with her fingers. Yana finished with loud moans, caught her breath and crawled towards me on my knees, then I pulled the penis out of my beloved’s pussy, which had already finished more than once, and began to fuck Yana’s mouth. Natasha’s face appeared next to it, it was all in the juices of her friend, from such pleasure he began to cum on their faces. Oh yeah!

We caught our breath a little and decided to see what others were doing and, if nothing, then to involve them in our lesson. However, when we looked out into the street, there Katya jumped on Vadim’s penis and took turns sucking Kolya and Sanya. The guys didn’t waste time, and we also decided not to just stand on the sidelines.

Yana went up to Kolya, took him by the penis and took him aside, exposing her ass to him. And my wife and I settled down next to the rest. I lay on my back and sat my beloved on myself, my penis entered her wet pussy without any problems, and while I was inserting Natasha, she and Katya sucked Sasha’s rather thick penis. Mm … How cool is that! I fuck my beauty, her appetizing third-size breasts are shaking over me, and her sweet mouth eagerly sucks on someone else’s fat cock.

Then Vadim appeared above us, he finished with Katya and was apparently aiming at my wife’s ass. He brought his penis into a fighting state and began to enter it into the ass of my wife, I felt how he entered her and how he began to move quickly in her like a piston. Natasha started screaming with pleasure, but Sasha gagged her mouth with his cock. We fucked her in threesome as the last whore and she loved it. She confessed to me for a long time that sex for her is everything that she cannot resist a big and thick and beautiful penis. That sometimes she dreams of being a whore and wants to be mine, so that I would fuck her and, as a pimp, let others fuck her.

While we in three members had my wife, Katya and Yana presented Kolya with a fabulous blowjob. He lay on his back with his legs raised, Yana swallowed his penis up to the balls, and Katya licked his ass with her tongue, sometimes penetrating it inside. Yes … I can imagine what bliss he is experiencing!

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