Lecherous vacation. Part 3

And I decided to move to them, leaving Natasha at the mercy of the guys. By the way, they decided to change positions, now Sasha fucked my favorite slut from behind, and Vadim jerked off his penis while Natasha licked his balls to him. So he may have finished on her, but I have not seen it.

I entered in turn into two beautiful asses of Katya and Yana, who still pampered Kolya with their tongues. This went on for an unknown amount of time. And when he finished, the girls finished, they could no longer, Kolya also finished and lay in the otrubone, the guys who were fucking my wife were also resting, and I was tired too.

We moved into the house, went to our rooms, each about his own business. My Natasha came up to me, kissed me tenderly and asked me about something interesting. She wanted to be a slave, to retire only with us guys and do whatever we want from her. I warned her that we would not be able to torture her for a long time, since the main forces had already been used up during the last group sex on the lawn. But as it turned out, she didn’t need much. Then I said that she would wear any kind of sexy lingerie from what I bought in the online store and went downstairs. Downstairs there was a sauna, a large shower room for several people and a dressing room. The guys were just there, who were taking a shower, who had already taken. I went down to them, said that there would be a surprise now, but did not speak again.

Natasha came in. She put on an erotic jumpsuit in a black mesh with cutouts in an intimate place, she also had a leather collar on her neck, to which was attached a chain, which she gave me. We sat in chairs around her and ordered her to fondle her pussy while we put our organs on alert. And here was our first wish …

My wife, crawling on her knees, took turns sucking off our dicks. She addressed me only with the words “master” or “master.” When Natasha crawled up to me, she licked my penis with her tongue, swallowed and began to sit on it. I lifted my legs a little, took her by the hair and pressed her hard against my balls, she licked them, swallowed, and then her tongue moved to my ass. I almost finished from such sensations! Then I ordered her to do the same with the others.

My wife made a circle to please everyone. And she was waiting for new orders, but no one had the will to come up with something sophisticated, so we decided to just fuck Natasha into four dicks and end it.

Vadim and Kolyan fucked her in the ass and pussy while she sucked two thick dicks at once, mine and Sasha’s. She screamed and moaned with all her strength, finished over and over again and we could no longer hold on. They put her on her knees and began to cum on her face. Natasha took upon herself all our sperm with an open mouth, closing her eyes with happiness. When we finished, we fell into the armchairs, my wife was lying on the floor, we were all terribly tired, but it was pleasant tiredness. My beloved wife, a nymphomaniac, was happy. We all took a shower and went to our bedrooms. My wife and I fell asleep in an embrace, madly in love with each other! But this was only the first day of our sexual vacation, there were still four days of sex and debauchery ahead, but more on that in another story.

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